June Haul!


Such a flattering photo.
Can you hear the sarcasm radiating through your screen? Yep, me too.


Today I uploaded another haul video (oops.. too much shopping) But let's be honest here, basically everything I got was on sale! I couldn't resist..

Lesson learnt: Windows Live Movie Maker is probably the worst editor. I do not recommend it at all -.- I tried saving this 25+ times, I kid you not. Every. Single. Time. It would not save because there was either a corrupted file (which there isn't because I can just close the editor then re-open it and it works) OR the program froze OR I did not have enough space on my laptop. Oh the struggles.

I was (obviously) finally able to save the video by deleting different sections, saving it than using 'Ctrl+Z' to replace the deleted files. Thank you for working and only crashing 5 times.

Hope you guys enjoy the video and feel free to like/subscribe/comment if you have not already :D

Tara x

Some of the items I picked up:

Skirt: Quirky Circus

Crop Muscle Tee: Evil Twin

Muscle Tee: Evil Twin

Dress: Mink Pink

Jacket: Tree of Life
Top: 'Thrift Store'
High-Waisted Jeans: Jay Jays

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  1. you are so cute! you got so many bargains; especially love your quirky circus skirt and holographic purse.
    following your blog now xo