Hi everyone!

On Sunday 17th August, my friends and I caught the ferry out to Manly from Circular Quay for my baben' friend's birthday; Kath!

Kath and I



Fishnet Top: BooHoo

(Sera's Store!)

Some of the badges: Stellar Boutique
(My Store!)

Denim Jacket: Salvation Army // Trader Joes

Green Plaid Skirt: Salvation Army // David Jones

Laughing because everyone in my group behind me (you can see them photobombing on the left) were laughing at Sera and I taking photos

Shoes-Studded Creepers: Windsor Smith



We ate at the bestttt Vietnamese place ever, Miss Chu's, which Kath chose to eat at!
The aesthetics and atmosphere of the place was amazing!

Birthday Gal!
(+left over cash from her present/meal we paid for)

Myself, Sera and Sophia
The Asian gang + 4
I ordered the delicious pork roll. A classic Vietnamese 'dish'!

Julia made these butterfly tea-cakes which was sweet of her + tasty too!

Afterwards, we walked over to Manly Beach (which was a bit pointless tbh) but we took some photos

Our group! L-R: Me, Sera, Sha May, Bec, Sophia, Julia, Amanda, Jemma, Sha Lin, Kath & Fiona
(yeh I'm a giant...)

Fi and I

We caught the ferry back to the city and then caught the train and light rail to Star City just to get Messina ice-cream! 

Sooo much great food that day!
I bought a 'Gay Old Time' ice-cream which was one of their daily specials for the day.

Overall, I had an awesomeee day with my friends!
It was a great little break from the hectic school life and a nice way to celebrate Kath's birthday.

Thank you if you made it to the end!
See you in my next post,
Tara x

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  1. Aw, this sounds like such a lovely day! I love the way you presented some of the photos as a gif, it brings them to life more!

  2. tara your fashion and friends are all so cool. your blog is always making me want to live in sydney!


  3. Oh Tara, your life is one to be envied! The Vietnamese looked well worth the ferry trip, and the day equally brilliant. xo