I have totally forgotten how this whole 'studying' thing goes, but I'm in my second week of my first year at university and honestly, it's been hell. After 4 and a half months of freedom, I was suddenly bombarded with copious amounts of textbook chapters (by copious, I mean 10 chapters for this week alone. I counted.) and documents to read and make notes on. Along with trying to do the suggested 'extra 6 hours of work outside of class for each subject', I've been juggling a social life with friends, family time with the extended family (my cousin Ashleigh is currently visiting from Hong Kong) (my grandpa was recently in hospital so I was visiting him most days. He's better now.), making YouTube videos, blogging (- well it's on my mind at least..) and working (PSA: I never officially announced it on my blog.. but I was interning for a sponsorship/events agency back in February and they offered me a paid position there after my internship. So that's a thing. $) It's fair to say I'm overwhelmingly stressed (high key screaming 24/7 on the inside.) 

On O-day 3 weeks back, I met two lovely girls in their second year of uni who are studying a combined degree of Law and Media & Communications - Michelle and Alice (same course as Elle). Elle and I instantly connected with them and we exchanged details with aims of meeting up. The next week, Michelle and I planned a photoshoot... with the product being these magical photos you are seeing right now! I am overwhelmingly happy with how they turned out. Michelle actually wrote a blog post (here) with a beautiful piece of writing attached about her life and photography. She said "Shooting with somebody new is always a really fresh experience" and I couldn't agree more. All the photo shoot experiences I have had have been so unique as the style of photography and personality of my friends (photographers) differs. 

I think my favourite part about being a blogger and being on social media in general are the opportunities that arise through connections made online. Although Michelle and I met in person, Alice and I have actually mutually seen each other's accounts in the past. Along with that, I met my new best friend; Elle on Instagram along with other long lasting friendships with my Insta gang (they know who they are). I have been able to collaborate with so many talented teens, helping them to express and share their work to a wider audience. It's moments like these that I'll remember over the stressful times that go hand-in-hand with an education. But in saying that, I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to afford and attend tertiary education - something not many people can do. And with that, I'll leave you to live your life! Go outside & enjoy your day! Meet new people! Stay safe! Much love & speak soon, Tara x

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  1. These pictures are so beautiful!!! I love the way you did your hair!!! Also, I was in the same position a couple weeks ago, I got my first job and I had to balance school, it was a tough first few weeks, but we all get through it!! I'm sure soon enough things will settle down. And meeting people who have the same interests as you is so cool!!! I love meeting people who i have followed for a while online, it's like seeing a whole new world, it's so fun!!

    1. Oh man, I can't wait for the stress to go away!!
      And yes!! It's so much easier to make friends with people online though.. haha! I totally second what you just said :') Thanks for reading xxx

  2. I'm loving these pictures. And dreading the same feeling when I go to uni next year, especially as I've had a gap year and no studying for a year. But yeah awesome look <3
    The Quirky Queer

    1. Thank you!! And ugh I know the feeling.. best of luck! thank you

  3. Ah this pictures are gorgeous and I love that look so much! The choker is amazing <3

  4. Hi Tara!
    Can you do a tutorial of this great hairstyle? I love it!