How I collage.


Hello those of the world wide web, fellow internet addicts and blog readers!

How are we all? A question directed to my 10 followers... hahahhahAHSLvbjdbl

It's another Friday... another Friday spent at home on my laptop... by myself... listening to music... oh the wondrous life of an unsociable teenager with wifi, a laptop and tea. 

I've been gone for a while... a long while which included 2 insignificant posts between these two time periods... oops?! 

Can my excuse for everything be 'School'. I think it can. Thank you.

But I am here with a fab lil' post on *drum roll* collaging. (If you didn't tell by the title) 

Not the old school collaging with old magazine clippings, scissors and glue- but rather the unsociable-teenager-boredom-takes-over-control collaging. Yep. Collaging taken to another level.

Basically, I am addicted to collaging, whether it is with paper and any clear space on my walls, school books.. anything! 

*awkwardly inserts random pictures which don't actually have anything to do with what I am saying*

My current wardrobe doors.
Don't mind the posters on the right- I took this about a year ago- I redid the posters and last week I actually took them down! D:
Room before I took down the posters!
I still love 1D, I just needed a change- and a clear mind- after having them up for so long!

My 'new' minimalistic room!
I plan on doing much more in the future! :D

But I have acquired a new love for collaging on my laptop. 

It is something which I can easily do on the spot and doesn't use internet! I actually happened to find this admiration when my family and I had used all our internet :\ Horrible days. 

I have made four A4 collages at the moment- but I have made other things including a mixed CD cover! 

All images used are from tumblr- credit to all owners of these images.

Here are the ones I have made in order:

I actually adoreee this collage seeing as it is my first!
I used an image of a wonderful array of succulents for the background.

The amazingly, beautiful Bambi Northwood-Blythe modelling for Spell Byron Bay!
I love their store- I'm currently crying in the corner of my bedroom for one of their bras and underwear!
Sooo pretty- bra & undiez

Cute little tapestry background!

Did this in class today, last period... oops... TGIF?
Didn't put as much effort into this one as the others due to limited time.
But, amazing background! Rice paddies in China. SO beautiful!

These collages take me a while surprisingly... About 40 minutes each! 

I guess it's more complex than it looks- all the images without a background, I usually edit (unless they already have a transparent background- these are usually only the 3D text). 

How I edit my collages:
  1. I use Microsoft Publisher to edit my images.
  2. Begin by placing a background image- I usually choose one which will have an interesting background!
  3. Choose a 'theme' according to the type of background image you have chosen. For example- choose more vintage themed photos for a background image which is more antique and faded looking.
  4. Paste/ Insert and arrange all the images you want to use in a random manner, but create a border with the images- as you can see in the above examples!
  5. To finish the collage off, using Microsoft Word- insert images which you would like to have a transparent background with. You can basically use any image, except one with different shades in the background will create a rougher edge.
  6. To remove the background, insert image -> Format -> Remove Background (Very left of bar) -> Adjust the inner selection box to the size of the image you want to have -> Using 'Mark Areas to Keep' Click on any areas which you would like to keep which are not purple. Once most of the area is completed click 'Mark Areas to Remove' and do the same, except for the areas you do not want. Keep alternating till you get what you want! 
  7. Remember purple areas are the areas which will become transparent! When done, click 'Keep Changes' 
  8. Copy and Paste this now transparent image to Publisher and place wherever you want. I personally like to add it to the sections where two images meet, to get rid of that awkward line. 

Hope that wasn't too difficult to understand! D:

I was thinking of doing an image tutorial... But I was too lazy for that... hehe

Tara x

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  1. Queen of collages much?! I'd kill to have your new room! :D x

  2. really love you collage and I like your new room !

  3. amazing collages!! x