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Hello Readers!
So, the amazing Rachel from LUCID STARS was on the look out for people to do collaborations with her! Being me... I asked if I could do one with her! To be honest here, I'd call her my fashion buddy n best friend on blogspot. She's funny... talented... and of course, EXTREMELY fashionable!
We wrote five questions each and wrote answers to each of ours.


1. How did you get into fashion?
I'm not entirely sure, but when I was about 10 I had a strange beginning phase of self-discovery. I started caring about the world of fashion and from thereon I've been interested in it. The Internet has influenced me greatly, and opened the doors to countless forms of fashion and style. (Think Lookbook and Youtube!)

2.Describe your personal style.
Quirky, unpolished, ever-changing and always with a touch of edgy. Classifying my style into labels is something I can't do, as there's no true definition of each. Plus, it's still in the process of developing. As they say, the teenage years are for experimenting!

3. Do you have any personal beliefs about fashion/style?
Confidence is key. I cannot stress this enough. If you're not convinced of your outfit, chances are no one will be. I also think that there shouldn't be any set rules, or that wouldn't be any fun.

4. Name one fashion faux pas of yours.
Oh my, my one idea of a fashion statement was a unshapely vest over tacky graphic t-shirts. I'm so glad I'm still not 10-12. How cringe-worthy of me!

5. What is your go-to item?
Too many to name! I'd say muscle tees, oversized cardigans, plaid shirts, crop tops, shorts and creepers for sure. And how could I forget, my trusty band tees.

6. Who do you think influenced your style the most, and why?
There are many Youtubers out there, that I think have really shaped my own personal style. Though I'd say Jenn Im (clothesencounters) was ultimately the most influential - not in terms of style, however. Her beaming confidence and individuality inspired me to form my own way of style, and to me, I find that undoubtedly beneficial to my self-esteem. Once you've got the confidence and attitude to wear anything, then you can definitely wear anything.

7. What is your favourite outfit at the moment?
I'm currently liking the combination of my cropped, light denim jacket with my newly acquired sunflower print crop top. Perhaps some black chiffon skorts and creepers to tone down the rest!

8. Why is fashion such a huge part of your life?
It's definitely a portrayal of my personality. Pieces that I've customised or picked up can often show my tastes - thanks to fashion, I've made some friends with matching preferences. That's always great to bond over, I think. Also, being a versatile blogger means being heavily involved in the style community. I like taking photos of my combinations, it challenges my creativity to put something new together every time.

9. What is the number one store/brand which portrays your style?
I was going to answer eBay, but then I laughed at how funny that sounded. Most of my bargains are from there. Non-online stores include Valleygirl, Jay Jays, Cotton On etc. Nothing special really, I sure wish Perth had some nice dainty op-shops!

10. What is a trend you love, hate and wish would come back?
I cannot get enough of muscle tees, especially if there's witty font included. I particularly don't favour jelly sandals, to be honest. I wouldn't say 'hate' as it is a strong word, and I try my best to respect people's fashion choices. Some people do rock them, but I generally am not a fan of them. As for the last, I haven't really thought about that! I just wear whatever I like, regardless of whether it's in trend or not. If it makes you feel good then I think it's absolutely timeless.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading that as much as I did!!!

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Thanks for reading guys!!
See you soon (seriously this time, sorry for being away for so long)

Tara x

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  1. Thanks for the collab Tara, it's such a privilege :~)

    1. Thank you Rachel!!
      I had so much fun collabing with you, we definitely have to collab in the future! xxx

  2. You guys did a lovely collaboration! Read both articles, now I'm definitely in for some shopping at ebay, hehe! :D

  3. amazing post and such a lovely collaboration. xx

    - kennedi
    // myfavoritecolorisshiny.blogspot.com //