Surry Hills Adventure


7 December 2013

On Saturday, Fiona and I headed to the city where we had an amazing time!


We hopped off the train at central and made our way to Surry Hills Markets

On the way to the markets we had to walk through lots of surreal side streets.

Dream home

The markets were NOT as good as anticipated. There were few stalls- which were all expensive. 

However, I bumped into another of my friends- Olivia! Who I went to see Tavi with. 

I also bumped into Anna- a fellow tumblr and instagram friend! It was really random and cool as I've never really met anyone online in real life!

Here are some beautiful $350 bomber jackets. 
Someone please buy me them alllllll! 


After the markets we asked around if there was anything exciting around the markets, but there wasn't.

We decided to head back to the station and catch the train somewhere.

However, on the way back, we decided it would be cool to go to Oxford/Crown Street!

We asked numerous people for directions- and were told time again to just keep walking straight. It seemed as if we were endlessly walking straight [hence asking heaps of people]. We eventually reached Oxford Street.


We began our journey in the beautiful American Apparel.

Fiona and I tried on this amazing denim skirt we have wanted for so long. It was as perfect as we had imagined :')


After leaving the beloved [and slightly overpriced] American Apparel- the home of our dreams- we decided to walk on the left side of Crown Street, grab something to eat and then head back down the right side of the street.

We walked into a couple vintage stores such as C's Flashback.

Reaching the end of the shops, we crossed the road and went to a rad Mexican shop, Holy Kitsch


We wandered around a few café's till we found a reasonably priced, yet nice place to eat- Madam Char Char

We both ordered a burger each and large fries to share. We should have checked how big the large fries were before ordering them...


After our extremely delicious, yet filling lunch we waddled out and did a bit more 'window-shopping'.

We went into Grandma Takes A Trip which accounted for some lovely photos


We walked along Oxford Street till we eventually reached Hyde Park.

We walked around, my feet killing me- so basically it was Fiona enthusiastically walking around and me moaning to her about my dead feet.

We took a few photos.


We went to Pitt Street and QVB then made our way home!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Lots of Love,

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  1. Your holidays sound splendid already! Glad there's been heaps of adventures so far, I can't wait to see what else summer will hold in store for both you and I.

  2. Omg, I went to Surry Hills not long ago and it was so much fun! A lot of things were over priced though, but so pretty and so worth it to stare at. I was disappointed that Grandma Takes a Trip had closed down cuz I heard so many good things about it. Planning to go again for a second round to see the newer stock.

  3. Wheres your top from its amazing?!