The White Rabbit Gallery


6 December 2013

It seems as if I have had another mini hiatus with my blog...
I feel like it's a bit too much to promise I'll be writing regularly.
You just have to be in the mood to write? 
Hmm but I'll be trying to blog my holiday outings for you all so here's the first one!


On the first day of freedom, otherwise known as the Summer/Christmas Holidays in Australia, my friends and I visited the White Rabbit Gallery. We had lusted over going to the gallery for the longest time!

With my trusty friends; Fiona, Kath and Sera- we headed off to the train station. 

Might I just add, the area is a bit dodgy- I wouldn't recommend going there by yourself D: BE SAFE


We walked down a couple side streets to arrive at the beautiful gallery. We passed some amazing things, such as this cat sitting on a window ledge, edged between the frame of the window and the glass. 

The walls of the street were surreal with plants growing out of the exposed brick. 

We arrived at the gallery and walked through a tall, glass door. 

To the right of the doorway was a gorgeous array of traditional and other Asian inspired goodies to purchase

To the left of the doorway was the Tea House! The room was amazing with a display of bird cages creating the ceiling. 

On the ground level of this magnificent gallery, there were 2 artworks. 
One being some strangely beautiful underwear?! 

We made our way to the first floor where we were met with an amazing, open space of artwork.

One of my most favourite favourite favourite artworks was the one below of a Buddha. Read about it below! The meaning is wonderful! 

This was another of my favourites!


We headed up to the second floor! Just as ethereal as the first floor...

Hmm another of my favourites.. wow

This amazing cinema room was pitch black with the screen. There were rows of seats with the plushest pillows I have ever sat on! It was an amazing atmosphere, I could probably have slept in there..


We flew up the elevator to the third floor
It was such an open space with about 6 pieces of work.

We headed downstairs to the ground floor and wandered around, looking at all the funky items in the gift shop.

We walked into the beautiful tea house, once again and took way too many photos..

We eventually ordered a jug of 'Home made Lychee Tea'. 
Might I add, it was the epitome of perfect tea. 


After much excitement, we eventually left the gallery. 
I took this photo on the way out!

Here's a random photo I took haha


After the gallery we walked kilometres through the city.
Getting lost... asking people for directions... till we finally made it to our destination. 

We ate at a lovely Japanese restaurant, recommended by Kath, where we ate bento boxes! 

As we were paying, Sera heard two ladies behind us say 'Look, a group of models!' 
That was probably one of the sweetest things ever and such a feel good moment! :')


We went to Paddy's Markets and we all bought the most perfect top! 
(Thanks to Kath for finding it!!)


Kath had to leave us early, so we trekked up to Town Hall Station to drop her off. 


We then headed to Pitt Street and QVB and wandered around till we decided to leave.


On a last note, I bought a pair of pink Pulp Kitchen 'Alien Sockz' from Dangerfield.
I am in LOVE. The yin and yang eyes glow in the dark and they are so cool.
A bit pricey however, but definitely a pair of socks I will wear forever!


I hope you all enjoyed this extremely long blog post D:
I'll be writing one up for the 7th and 8th too! 

Lots of Love,
Stay safe during these holidays,

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  1. The gallery looks amazing, and love your outfit especially the skirt

    1. It was!
      Aw thank you! It's actually a dress, but it's too small at the top, so I made it into a skirt ;D xxx

  2. This place looks insane,some of the artwork is so cool! You and your friends seem like such a cool, cultured bunch haha
    Love your outfit x

    1. Ahh it was!
      Haha my friends are pretty rad ;)
      And thank you Yasmin! :) xxx

  3. ^ I can vouch for that Yasmin, they certainly are! Seriously though, I envy your ability to appreciate works of art in the righteous forms. If only my trips out with friends were more suited to the arts and much less unproductive!

    1. Aw thank you Rachel!
      haha I guess I'm really lucky my friends and I like going to interesting and different places!

  4. oh wow, I wish I lived in sydney so badly! all your friends are so funky and do cool stuff with you, I wish more of my friends were more adventurous for things like this! can't wait to see more blog posts, I don't know how you do so much on the holidays, so far I've mostly spent my time at home!


    1. hahah aw thanks for reading Lena!
      You should just drag them along with you! haha
      We've basically done heaps the first few days of holidays as we are all going away and won't be seeing each other till the end of January!!

  5. Hey, I just found your blog! My first blog post was about my day at the White Rabbit Gallery. I love this post so much, how insane were all of the works on exhibition?

    - Alissa

    1. Hey! That's so cool! It's such an amazing gallery, isn't it?! xxx

  6. I love what you were wearing. I am excited to see what else you get up to in these holidays, you always seem to be so adventurous and have so much fun! What is the japanese place you ate at called? it looks yum xxx

  7. Such a great post; I absolutely love your blog. Your photos are always beautiful!! :)

    Would you like to follow each other? If so, just let me know, & I would be delighted to follow back. <3

    lots of love, Dana Carmella
    Bloglovin' & Blog: Pretty Odd ♡