Thailand Photo Diary


My Thailand Trip in Photos!

Prior to starting this post- you can see the majority of my Thailand outfits & Haul here!

Off to Thailand!

Waiting for our luggage in Bangkok airport

We had to wait for 2 hours as we were joining a tour and everyone needed to arrives

Found this funny!

Hotel 1 View

Bad Posture

Screamed when I saw this out the window!
Thought they were dead 

Palace of the Emerald Buddha
So so so so so beautiful


River Cruise Dinner

Lady Boy Show!

Complete the heart? </3

Pattaya Floating Markets
Harry and I

Tour Friends minus Cynthia! 

Hotel 3, Bangkok- no photos of Hotel 2 in Pattaya!

Off the tour! 
Onto our own adventures..

Hotel 4, Marriot, Bangkok

So beautiful wowow

Bangkok Streets

$0.50 gummy lollies! So yum

This is what you see on the trains!
Sorry it's so blurry, but it says
"Please offer this seat to monks"

I'm actually the Lach Ness Monster
Street Food in Bangkok! 

Chatuchak Markets, Bangkok

China Town for dinner & a foot massage

Rooftop bar right as you walked out the escalator!

Off to Phuket!!
AMAZING HOTEL in Phuket!! :')

They gave us these refreshing drinks and jasmine flowers! 

So yummm!

Breakfast with a view

Dad had laksa

I had poached egg and salmon bread.
So. Freaking. Good.

Over Exposed and Lush

We got lost!

Dad was so excited about his 2/10 bullseyes! haha

Relaxing on the hotel's private beach!
Dad and I did some kayaking too

Headed to the pool after the beach

We had dinner at the hotel one night, these were the deserts

Hotel Library

Breakfast Buffet
+You could order meals


Big Buddha!

Bracelet blessed by a monk and a Buddha pendant 

View Stop

Old Town Phuket!
One of my favourite places

Blue Pea Flower Tea!
Tasted Delicious!

Lunch Time!

Hands Down- Best Thai Food of my life!
This was a street side restaurant- the only language spoken was twice [there was a very kind lady-another customer- who translated for us on the first night], we went there twice it was so good!
Traditional Thai food- I encourage all tourists in Thailand to try out those small street side restaurants to have a taste of what Thailand food is really like
Our Last Day
Relaxing by the pool

Last Day! :(


That was my Thailand Trip in a  nutshell!
There are so many days where I don't have photos as I didn't bring my iPod- such as when we went snorkelling or to the beach, etc! 
I hope you enjoyed these photos- all taken on my iPod :)

See you soon,
Tara x

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