Yoko Ono | War Is Over


“The world’s most famous unknown artist: everybody knows her name, but nobody knows what she does.”

- John Lennon

Yoko Ono. 
The woman who broke up The Beatles or someone more?

On Saturday, 22 Feb, I visited the Yoko Ono Exhibition.
It was so worth it. 
Each and every piece of work hold such a significant amount of meaning.


War is Over
If you want it

Water Talk

Calligraphy Piece
This beautiful piece blew me away. A wall length of calligraphy, done right there, on the spot. 
Watch this video which explains the meaning behind the piece and shows the process of creating this artwork. 


"Participation is a central aspect of Ono's art and various works in this exhibition invite gallery visitors to become actively involved in creating meaning." 

We were invited to choose a stamp which said 'Imagine Peace' in several languages. 
We were to stamp it anywhere where we wanted peace in the world. 

My Mommy is Beautiful
"...which takes the form f a wall upon which audience members are invited to pin or tape private messages of love, hope, forgiveness and reconciliation to their mothers...elicits a spectrum of responses from love and thanks, to anger and sadness." 

"...I don't think I gave enough credit to my mother." -Yoko Ono

Sky TV and Helmets- Pieces of Sky
"Yoko Ono witnessed the physical and economic devastation of Japan as a young girl living through World War II... Ono has written about her wartime experiences, describing the hours that she and her brother spent watching the sky and clouds drift past..."


Following the theme of sky, here, my friend Sera and I finally found this beautiful place. 
We have seen numerous photos of this place, and we coincidentally bumped into it walking towards Pitt Street and the Queen Victoria Building.


I would also love to shout out the lovely Belinda, who I bumped into!! 
She is such a fashion-forward person and so bubbly!
Check out her amazing: Instagram // Blogspot


Lastely, I would love to share this video with you all!
I cried pure tears, out of the pure generosity and beauty of some amazing people.

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  1. Wahhh you're so lucky! I wanted to go to this so badly but I was overseas! It looked amazingggg


    1. Aww it was so amazing! Eee that's what these photo sharings are for! haha x

  2. so jealous you go to see this exhibition! It was killing me soo bad that it was in sydney and I wasn't. honestly looks like such a beautiful and inspiring exhibition, I loved this post!


  3. best day and i love all your photos & style :D love sera x

    1. awaw love you serdawg! We need to go to more exhibitions! x