Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia


 Raffles International Showcase SS 14/15 | 9 April 2014

At 2pm yesterday during my double study free period, as you do, I was checking my e-mail- when I saw an e-mail titled, 'RSVP Update Notification'. 

I was so confused, till I read my next e-mail which said Raffles College had kindly given me a ticket to Raffle's showcase in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia... tomorrow (today now that I'm writing this), as I had entered a competition (even though I had not won). 

I was so thrilled I started shaking in the middle of class!!

I have always wanted to attend Fashion Week. 

Let me just say, it was honestly one of the best experience's of my life.

If you ever have the chance to go to any Fashion Week, go. 

I only had one ticket, but later found out my friend, Olivia (i went to Tavi with her- read THIS blogpost!) had actually won 2 tickets from a different Raffles competition. 


When we arrived, it was crazy. 
I have never experienced anything in real life crazier than this.

There were people walking around head to toe in Louis Vuitton print, dresses with bubbles, holographic everything- where do you even find this stuff?!

+ I walked past the amazing HTL :") I wish I had asked for a photo, but they were walking so fast and in a second it was too late to catch up with them


After processing tickets/ queuing/ spying bloggers from afar- we went inside to The Runway.


Lines of tiers were set up on either side of the catwalk with a section specifically for photographers. We found a seat at the second back row- which was still amazing and close. 







Let's be honest here, I can't remember who designed which, so here's a photo spam of all the lovely designs
Sorry they're not great quality/ blurry/ i don't have an excuse except the fact my camera is annoying

After the show


Afterwards, we hung around a bit and I met the Stenmark Twins; Zac and Jordan! :") 
They are beautiful specimens 

I also met Nicole Warde, or garypeppergirl! She is one of my biggest inspirations, the sweetest and loveliest person ever and so beautiful :')
She also kindly let me record her saying the intro to my latest video [you can view it at the top of this post]

We went outside and filmed an OOTD :)


I can't believe how quickly the day went!

I really hope one day I will be invited to Fashion Week, if I ever become 'big' enough :')

It was amazing from what I saw and I can't even begin to imagine what the whole week would be like!

Thank you to Raffles College for sending me a ticket!

Lots of Love,


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  1. Such a surreal experience! I'm always envious of your exclusive, eventful life. :)) You deserve every bit of the success and great moments thus far, and there will be many more to come! I know you'll go far. xx

    1. Aw Rachel, this has made my day! You're so sweet and right back at you! Who knows, maybe we'll meet in the future one day x

  2. i love love love your outfit ! :)