Fashion Weekend


17 May 2014

On Monday I won 3 general admission tickets [thanks to KuKu Australia] to Fashion Weekend :)

I'm going to be completely truthful here, it wasn't as great as I expected it to be, but it was still such a nice experience and a lovely opportunity to meet a lot of my *Instagram* friends! 

I didn't end up taking any pictures inside the place or buying anything, but here are some photos from the day and my outfit :)




Top: Versace Sport
Skirt: Kirribilli Markets
Bag: Milleni
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Female Symbol Choker: Bum Babes


I took my two lovely friends, Fiona and Jemma!


I finally met the amazing and sweetest, Bella from Bonesblogger!!
Bella's Blog // Instagram


And I also finally met Jadie and Corin who both drove 3 hours to get here!! :)
(We only have this photo) 
Jadie's Instagram
Corin's Instagram


And a group photo with Kitty, Jadie, Myself, Corin and Belinda!
Kitty's Instagram
Belinda's Blog // Instagram


I also saw Magnolia and Bon, but I didn't get photos with them sadly!! 
Magnolia's Instagram // Blog
Bon's Instagram

Tara x

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  1. tara your style is so fab! I swear you are the luckiest gal ever, always winning things on insta. I wish I lived in sydney so I could go to this and meet all you groovy gals!


    1. Aw thanks so much for your endless supply of lovely comments!!!
      Hahah ahh I never really win things, just recently I have! hehe:)xxx