Summer Outfit


I was scrolling through my hard-drive of photos a few weeks ago, when I came across some I took last year.
I made a video featuring the outfit, but I never came across to blogging about it!

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, here's an outfit for you as the warmer weather approaches.
If you're from down under, keep those sweaters and heaters on!

Don't you love this simple, chambray denim skirt, my friend SERA bought for me in America?
Skirt- Forever 21

I DIY-ed these socks, which I will be selling on my store soon! 

My studded mega creepers!
I bought these for a MASSIVE bargain a while ago from Windsor Smith!

I love this embroidered top which was previously my mums!
It has these lovely little colourful flowers all over the front

And here's a bit of a fun photo to end the post! 

I hope you liked the outfit!
See you soon, hopefully with more posts for the holidays!

Lots of love,

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