Collaboration with COCRAPARIS
Photos by Sera

If any of you have ever met me, the first time you met me, you may have picked up that I'm a shy person- I don't speak much.
It's not the fact that I can't speak...I can.
In fact, once you get to know me, I won't stop talking.
It's just one of my insecurities when I first meet people. I always stumble over my words, speak too fast, repeat the same phrase or word too many times in a sentence, my voice is too quiet and I get asked to say what I said; again...and again...and again, I say things that don't make sense, I have a really breath-y laugh, I'm scared of saying the wrong thing. I've had so many moments I wish I had never said something- too many to count, actually.
It's hard to explain, unless you understand what I'm talking about!!!!
I also get anxious over the smallest things - my heart will beat so hard in a class if I don't feel comfortable. And this anxiousness will make me stumble over everything I say. And my cheeks flush bright red. I need everything to be planned out, written out, so I can read it without stumbling and not worrying that the next thing I will say will ruin everything (okay, I might be exaggerating a bit, but no, srsly, life at stake here).
I guess this is why I like blogging right now. It's easier for me to read over what I have read- over and over again as many times as I need.
It probably seems strange to you that I have a YouTube channel - I'm literally showcasing myself for the world to see. But it's different, because I can edit the videos as much as I want, I make myself presentable (Kidding tho, I don't even watch over my video before I post it..oops).
Following this, my style helps me. Yes, that probably is weird...But it makes me more confident. When I wear something that I like, that I believe looks good, I feel confident in myself.
I was a bit nervous wearing this outfit out- I had planned to go to the city wearing this outfit and that would have been fine, but after the siege happened, I'm not allowed to go anytime soon. So I had to make do with wearing this outfit to Westfield. I'll admit, it's a bit titf to wear there... but this shoot had to happen!!
So here we go, you learnt a bit about me and now you can see this outfit I put together to showcase my beautiful COCRA PARIS mesh, fluffy top!! <3

Tara xo


Singlet Top → Urban Outfitters → Kimchi Blue
Skirt → Missguided
Socks → Ebay
Shoes → Windsor Smith
Choker → The Lair (worn backwards)
Earrings → Copy The Label

Funny story!! A man drove up, rolled down his window and asked me if I was okay because I was lying on the ground and I was laughing and Sera was laughing and he thought I fell over xD


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  1. Your styling is so on point and I 100% agree with your post - I hate talking when I meet new people, I totally agree with everything you said

    1. Thank you!! I'm glad others can relate :) xo

  2. You look crazy amazing! Im such a big fan of your style, Ill be looking forward to more awesome posts in 2015


    1. Thank you!!!
      Merry christmas to you too! Hope you had a good one xo

  3. Oh Tara, you haven't a thing to worry about. :) You're one of the most cheeriest, lovable girls there are. I have to say though, that I always admire your confidence with what you wear. My friends and I agree that you can rock just about anything!
    Anywho, lovely outfit as always. I hope the Sydney Siege hasn't affected you or loved ones in other unfortunate ways. Here's to 2015 and a potential meeting between us two xx

    1. Rachel!!! <3 you are always the sweetest :'')

  4. You are so much like me its ridiculous!!!!!!! Everything you wrote is exactly like me omg.
    love this outfit so much <3 <3

  5. Just wanted to mention that:
    1. You are a pro at hair-doing
    2. Your legs go on forever :)
    You are so beautiful!

    1. this actually made my day, thank you :') xo

  6. Just found your blog and LOVE it! You have an amazing sense of style, would love to follow you but our Bloglovin' isn't working! Really like the street/edgy/gothic look going on x
    Feel free to check out our latest post :)

  7. You are speaking my language here!!!! Seriously everything you said about talking to new people and feeling assured when there's a plan, is my life's story. Thank you for writing this - I'm glad I'm not alone 😊
    Uber groovy outfit too!
    Phoebe ox

    1. So glad we can relate!!!
      Thank you :)

  8. I love how you said that your style makes you feel more confident. I see your style as something very inspirational, I've already said this, but you inspire me to be brave and wear something that is little bolder.
    Stay awesome!

    with love Miina'