As many of you may have heard, 'my' city, Sydney, was 'threatened' when a siege at Lindt Cafe; Martin Place occurred on Monday 15 Dec. The siege continued till 2am on Tuesday 16 Dec, ending with 3 deaths- Tori Johnson (Manager of the Cafe), Katrina Dawson and Man Haron Monis (Gunman).

I have never experienced anything so close to home, this crazy.

We hear about wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq (to list only a few), school shootings in North America- all over the news. But they seem somewhat... surreal. They don't seem real. None of this seems real. I think it is the fact that I cannot image one human harming another. At all. It is an act that I can only imagine happening in movies.

I went to Lindt Cafe the day before. Although it was in Cockle Bay and the siege occurred in Martin Place, just the idea scares me. I have stepped into that store before. Imagine if that was me. It really does scare me that this happened so close to me and humanity has the capability of doing something so terrible.

By addressing this issue, this does not mean all other issues are irrelevant or do not matter. I am writing because I am in so much shock that Australia, basically one of the safest places in this tiny world, witnessed a shocking event like this.

However, in this moment, I think it is important to be reminded and respectful to Muslims. This man alone defied Allah's and Muhammad's words. Although claimed to be Muslim, his actions were not representative of one. Everyone must understand that his actions alone are not representative of the entire Muslim community. Additionally, his actions are not related to the 'Islamic' State (I place the world Islamic in speech marks as ISIS can barely be classified as Islamic.) Remember this. 

I send all my condolences to the family and friends of those Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson. May they rest in peace. And to all the hostages and those who have been affected by this incident.

Although unlikely in this world, I hope everyone somehow finds peace in this world of misunderstandings. That we end these terrible occurrences, helping those who are troubled or lost.

Tara x

P.s. I am not an expert, so please correct me (nicely) if I got any of the details incorrect.
My information is based on the media, so it may be likely that information provided may be incorrect.
These are also my words and my opinions, please respect it.
Thank you <3

Top: ICE
Skirt: Small Boutique??
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Bag: Vintage Oroton (mum's)
Earrings: Angel Puffs
Tie Dye Choker: Stellar Boutique
Blue and Amethyst Choker: Foam Boutique
Blue Necklace: Dead Sea Jewellery
Hindu Necklace: SORA
Quartz Necklace: Bum Babes


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  1. Amen to your writings on the sydney seige. Hoping that peace will arrive someday! And that skirt is simply amazing.

    1. Thank you for reading!!! It means a lot :) And hopefully, somehow we'll find peace soon
      And thank you, I love it so much!

  2. Tara this was a beautiful post :') I totally agree with what you said about the Muslims (and you look gorgeous in the photos) xx

    1. Thank you, it means a lot because I spent a while trying to articulate what I wanted to say :')
      And thank u!! <3333 xo

  3. Oh, you perfect human being, you. Amen to all of this here, very well-spoken xx