My outfit and concert photos!

Hi Friends!

So, last Saturday night (21 March 15) I had the absolute pleasure in seeing my favourite band from the past 3 years, live.
Over the years, I was so upset because all their concerts were 18+ with tickets as cheap as $18. When I heard they were having a concert I actually started crying because it's been my dream since; to see them perform live. I can assure you, I spent my $50 well on this ticket, having the time of my life in the most insane mosh ever

So first off, I went with my 3 good friends - Fiona, Sera and Jess. :)
We got to Enmore Theatre (the venue) quite late and there were SO many people already queuing up to go in. We decided to stuff it and not wait straight away. We walked around to find dinner, eventually coming upon a Turkish restaurant. We all bought kebabs (I LOVE KEBABS AND TURKISH FOOD IS MY FAVE!!!!!)

Mid-eating, we walked back and began to line up. The anticipation was high and we waited for about 30 minutes, before being brought to a different entrance to enter. We saw one of our concert friends (who we met at The Jungle Giants) and chilled with him for a bit. The first support act began playing and we moved further into the mosh. The other girls didn't really like it in the mosh (they ended up just chilling at the back which sounded like a good spot as well!), but I was adamant to get as close to the front and centre as possible. I decided to keep pushing (hehe not sorry) forwards. I was pretty stagnant throughout both support acts; but managed to get 3 people from the front, towards the left.

It was pretty boring waiting that 30 minutes before Sticky Fingers came on, being by my self. Everyone was quite rude, shouting to strangers in the mosh.
And then, they came on. The screams were overwhelming, but added to the standard mosh experience - pushing and shoving.

For the first 5 songs, I moved back a bit, then moved forward - being pushed all over the place... till I managed to get 5 people from the front almost dead centre. As great as this position was, I was in the epicentre for tall and rowdy guys. It was ok, the extra shove added to the experience, right? It wasn't until Sti Fi began playing Liquor Lip Loaded Gun. It was a memorable time. I got the perfect spot. Barely 3 people from the front and dead centre. A-midst these guys, they settled down and the crowd sang along. I could barely move, so I just swayed and jumped with the crowd at the appropriate times to prevent myself from falling over. 

I think people get this misconception that if you fall down in a mosh, no one will help you. But I can assure you; for all the moshes I have been to - everyone turns into an angel if you fall down or faint. I almost fell down at one point, about 3/4's through the concert. This lovely girl and guy next to me pulled me up and asked if I was okay. A few moments later when the concert kept going, the girl was behind me and asked "are you ok darl?" She was honestly the singularly nice person I encountered in this mosh. I guess, people get pretty rude when everyone's pushing, but when a stranger is in need, they come back to their senses and help. This goes to say, I saw lots of people fall/ faint and help everyone else up.

The music was amazing. At times when the crowd quietened down, I would just rest my head back (my neck was killing throughout!!!) on the guys behind me (not sorry because your arms were in my face) and just listen to them sing the songs that I have listened to effortlessly for these past years. At other times, the mosh went crazy and it was hard to hear and see, but it was still amazing. When Dylan stage dived, that was scary because I didn't realise and suddenly the whole crowd was pushed to the sides. I was one person away from him - but I couldn't move my arm, even if I tried.

I've never been to a crazier or sweatier concert as this before. When I say sweaty, I should probably say a pool party... I came out drenched in my own and (mainly) other people's sweat. It was disgusting. Not exaggerating though, my eyeliner was everywhere and my clothing down to my bra and underwear were so soaked that I could squeeze the sweat out (not sorry for the visuals). I ran into some mutual instagram followers, Nicole, Laura-Mae and Katie. (Oh and shoutout to Ellora, who follows me, who said hi before the concert) I feel kind of bad because I hugged them and they touched me, agh, i was mess! I met with the girls and we went and bought some icecream from the best ice cream store in Sydney, Cow & the Moon. Check the store out if you're ever chilling on Enmore Street. I can assure you they definitely have good ice cream/ gelato!

So that was my night. I don't have any regrets for pushing through to the front. It's definitely an experience I will never forget!! 

As for now, I finished watching Freaks and Geeks on Netflix (YAY! If you haven't heard, Netflix 'opened' in Australia) in 3 days oops... It's a feel good, funny show! I definitely recommend watching it :)

Have a great week!

Sending Love,
Tara x

P.s. If you have any posts you'd like to see on my blog or youtube channel, please let me know!



Relax Sports Bra: Mum's
Bike Shorts: American Apparel
Blue Top: Salvation Army / Lowes
Windbreaker: Dad's
Socks: Topman
Shoes: Converse
Earrings: Angel Puffs *
Choker: Stellar Boutique (my store)

ftc. items marked with * were sent to me to promote.

Jess and I

Sera and I

(if you want to see footage, watch my youtube video linked above!)


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  1. Oh my gosh!! it looks amazing !! I'm seeing them in May at Groovin The Moo festival I can't wait!!
    You look gorgeous also I love your style..
    Maggie xx

    1. Thanks so much Maggie!! Super jealous you're going to groovin', have fun!! Tara x

  2. Holy crap your style is killer! These pictures look amazing, we should collab sometime!