MBFWA 2015


Hello my angels!!

I hope you're all doing well!
I have an outfit post for you, of my outfit which I wore to fashion week yesterday. I had the opportunity to see the Raffles International Showcase - as I did last year too. (Click to see last year's post)
Thank you to Raffles College for the ticket! <3

I took my best friend, Fiona with me to see the show, which was amazing! I have included runway shots at the end which are really blurry and terrible... and definitely does not do these pieces justice!!

We walked from Redfern Station to Carriageworks and went straight to line up. After the show, we chilled for a bit and I bumped into my fave gal; Bella (@bonesblogger). I seem to always bump into her, but never get a photo! Which is really annoying because I promised myself I would get a photo with her today, but I totally forgot.. -.- Anyways, Bella had been hanging out with Shelby over the past week so she phoned Shelbs. I chatted with Shelby for a bit and we took some photos and it was really awesome to finally meet her! She's such a sweet gal!

With Shelby, @meowshelbs
After chatting for a while, we went outside and I also ran into another good blogger friend, Rebecca ( @thefrontrowlifecom). She took a photo of me which is on her blog! We chatted for a bit, then Fi helped me take my outfit photos. (hehe I'm such a pain lol) ~~ After that I ran into Lia Ottsu, an amazing street style photographer! We follow each other on instagram and this was my first time meeting her! She took a couple (awkward) photos of me haha ~ but her photography is amazing! You can see them down below!

I hope you like my outfit. This dress is the most beautiful piece of clothing I have seen in a while... I bought it from Luke's (@itslukebrand) mum, which she wore in the 90's! It's such a dream ~~ completely mesh with embroidered flowers!

I should stop rambling... haha!
Hope you enjoy the post,
Love Tara x

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FIONA: Blog / Instagram

BELLA: Blog / Instagram 

SHELBY: Blog / Instagram

REBECCA: Blog / Instagram

LIA: Blog / Instagram

LUKE: Blog/ Instagram


My Outfit

Dress: Vintage / Luke's Mum's
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Choker: Vintage
Bag: Mum's / Chanel
Bracelet: Mum's / Salvatore Ferragamo
Earrings: Malaysia

Taken by Lia

Taken by Lia

Taken by Lia

Runway Shots
I know, I know, my photography is absolutely amazing! (not)
Ha, sorry for the blurry photos!! I am terrible at this haha D:

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