Meet style queen, GG.
She's twirling us around her fingers as she breaks our hearts with her 169K+ followers and effortless looks.

I first found GG when she followed me and commented on some photos on Instagram early last year. I instantly fell in love with her feed, her outfits and her in general! She had around 10K followers at the time and I believe I had around 3K. It has been crazy to see her become a massive fashion figure over the past year and a half. She is still the lovely and sweet girl that I initially 'met'. She has inspired be greatly through her outfits and creativity in her shoots. We also both featured in 'Gadis Magazine' last year (click to see) which was epic-ly cool! Thanks to GG for taking the time to answer these questions... now;


How did you come up with the name ‘Plaaastic’?
The name "plaaastic" is a tribute to the song ‘Barbie Girl’ by Aqua which I grew up listening to, and of course for the ‘Plastics’ in Mean Girls as well!

Your style is so unique and you definitely dress out of the norm! How has your style developed over time?
I have actually been dressing like this my whole life, but when I moved to Singapore and got in touch with the fashion scene through my job as a fashion photographer, I guess it just got more and more expensive overtime!

Can you tell us about your (now closed down) store Plaaastic?
I remember being 16 or 17 and couldn’t afford anything at that time, yet still believing that dressing nice was a must and not a want. I had some experience in the past making and designing clothes (the first clothing store I owned was with a friend when I was 13), so I figured I would open an affordable, yet sick online store for youngsters like me. I had been working for almost 2 years in Singapore at that point, as well at low paid labour job like waitressing to afford my school and lifestyle, so becoming my own boss was so tempting at the time.
After a bit more than a year of success, I realized that what I thought was opening a new door for me, was now holding me down. It was a one-girl-company, and I was doing everything from designing the clothes, making the clothes, designing the webstore, shipping out the orders... and as the company became bigger and bigger, everything else in my life got smaller and smaller. I stopped travelling the world, I wasn't dancing as much as I used to, and I didn’t like who I was when I was getting too involved and obsessed with my brand. It was at the point of time where I could either take the store and make it big, or not. I wasn't ready to be settled down with one job, so I said goodbye.

What has been a shining moment in your ‘fashion life’?
I believe that moment has not happened yet!

You’re an iconic figure, constantly growing on the internet. 
How has social media and the internet in general helped you develop your style?
I wouldn't say that I am an internet figure, but I am very sure that it has shaped me into the best I can be. I am not a very out going person, I have a handful of friends and I spend most of my time at home reading. But, the current situation in my social media makes me feel like I am actually special. It is kind of a magical feeling when you have all that power in your phone, but when you turn it off you are just the daily you again. It's like a transformation… like those Sailor Moon things [moon sticks], where you just press a button and you feel so pretty and strong? I know it's weird comparing  it to that—but it does feel like that to me. I still think it is bizarre that I am what I am on the internet.

What are some of your favourite collaborations you have been involved in?
Definitely with independent brands like Somewherenowhere, Whatever 21Boredkidswhodraw, Angstchild, etc. I always support independent designers and I love that I am able to reach out to them and spread their creations around the world.

Favourite location to shoot in?
Hummm abandoned buildings!

If you could tell your younger self anything, what would you say?
I will tell her that life probably won't get any better but you will.

What is the hardest part about blogging?
The haters actually— I am a pretty sensitive person and I could never understand why people take so much time to write me hate mail and comments, it's crazy! Also, I am not making any money at the moment and it sucks.

You take a lot of your photos on self-timer, often in public. 
Do you have any tips for being more confident in what you wear and do?
I really don't care that much. I only care for those who I love. For others who I will never see again, I don't see any reason why I should be embarrassed for just being myself.

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  1. She's amazing! I can't believe I had never heard from her before... Her style and photographs are just perfect!