Dressing How YOU Want To Dress


Time after time people message me asking... 
How do I wear what I want without being judged?
How can I feel confident in what I wear?
How do I afford cool clothes?

The first step is getting to know yourself.
I am an introvert. Every Myers Briggs / personality tests I've taken, I've never failed to be titled an introvert. Along with being an introvert I'm also extremely shy. But fashion... that's a new story. I am CONFIDENT in what I wear. I wear what I want because I know I want to wear it. I feel COMFORTABLE in what I am wearing. Fashion is a form of expression for me. Although I sometimes struggle with verbally putting together words or get nervous saying something in class - dressing has never been an issue.
Getting to know yourself is vital. Experiment with different styles and looks by trying out new pieces. Settle for style, or be them all at once (me)! Some days I dress wearing headwraps and flowy skirts, the next I'm going plaid with chunky flatforms. Fashion is great - there aren't any limits. The only things stopping you are social norms and yourself.

Two... don't dress for anyone else but yourself.
This is so important. Don't dress to impress anyone but yourself. Wear something because YOU think it's cute and YOU feel cute in it. It's as simple as that. If you like it, wear it. If someone hates your look but you love it, this is the time Rihanna's 'Work' (I low key dislike that song) starts playing and you go (metaphorically) stomp & dance on the haters while looking cute (af). Your life isn't long enough to restrict your style to something that someone else wants you to wear. Although, wise tip, sometimes other people (mum) areeee right when they say you're dressing weird. But fashion faux pas are the way to step one (getting to know yourself)!!

Three? Get comfortable.
But don't get too comfortable. EXPLORE beyond your comfort zone. Slowly integrate pieces you wouldn't normally go for. Start piling on the accessories. Wear more patterns. Add some colour. Watch 'Iris' - a documentary on Iris Apfel (one of my biggest inspirations, and high key future me). Feel comfortable in what you're wearing. Wear your clothes with pride. Wear clothes as an extension of yourself. 

Four. Everyone keeps staring at me..? Help?!
This is probably one of the most asked questions - insecurity. People keep staring at you in public? You get used to it. Most of the time, people are admiring your confidence for wearing unique clothes and dressing differently! They probably 'wish' they could wear what your wearing! Strut your stuff! If people stare at you, stare right back at them. Feel confident. Know that you're slaying at life. People will probably throw in a compliment or two depending where you are (in a clothing store, at an art gallery, at a fashion market - usually people working will be like 'hey, i love your _.' Say 'thank you!!' and if you want & it honestly applies, 'I love your _').

Five - I'm broke :(
Ditto. But I still manage to buy a new piece of clothing every once in a while. How? Because I don't spend over $15 on clothes and I shop sustainably. Sustainable fashion is the best way to buy your clothes + it's generally the cheapest option. Head to your local op shops/ thrift stores and fashion markets. If you're from Sydney, Glebe Markets is the place to be. There are so many trendy people selling their second hand clothes! Have a budget and dig through the $1 buckets. You never know what you can find. (Also, getting a job would be good too - or asking your parents for money could work. I don't know what kids do these days?)

Six: 'I wish I could pull that off'
So many people say to me, 'I love what your wearing, I wish I could pull that off!!' Funny, because you can! Honestly, most of the clothes I wear could suit ANY body type. It could suit ANY person. ANYONE could wear what I wear. It's about going forward and actually wearing it. Don't restrict yourself. As I said, if you like it... wear it!!


top // COCRA PARIS *
coat // CHIC WISH *
sports bra // MISSGUIDED
earrings // DIY
choker (belt)// MISSGUIDED
amethyst necklace // LUCK & LUSTRE *
lapis lazuli necklace // GRANDMA'S


If you would like me to write/talk about anything in particular in the future, let me know!
I hope you found this useful.. go on and wear what you want my friends!!
Much love,

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  1. This post is eeeverything!!! It took me a while to finally be able to wear what I want, but I am now very comfortable with who I am and it's so fun!!! Fashion is so fun, I feel like people restrict themselves so easily to one style and they shouldn't. Everyone could wear everything, it's hard to get to that point of not caring, but everyone can get there. I love every word you said!!!

    1. Aw thank you Josselyn! YEsss! Make fashion fun and something you enjoy :) Exactly! Well summarised X

  2. You are honestly such a cool cat Tara!! I'm sick of ending up frustrated and hating my body every time I enter a department store/ every other store in the mall. Official resolving to do more op shopping-sustainable, cheap and not what every other person is wearing!

    1. Ella, thank you! YES go sustainable!

  3. love this post!!!! i've been stuck in a bit of a 'fashion rut' lately where i just think all the clothes in my wardrobe don't suit me but this has given me a lot of confidence to try some new things and have fun with my clothes rather than always worrying about if they flatter me!

    1. Thanks Ella!! Aw I'm glad you're changing your mind set!!! Woooo!!

  4. Your outfit is stunning! I'm in love with your coat. This makeup is a perfect for a festival. I'm gonna try it.
    Petra xx http://90suniverse.weebly.com/

    1. Thank you so much! let me know how it goes xx