Today; June the 8th, marks the day I started this blog way back in 2013. I've grown up and ~matured~ so much since I started this blog. So many things have changed and developed since I was 15. As the 4th year of blogging begins, I'm excited to see how I continue to change and grow.
I took these photos at Elle's house almost 2 months ago. I feel like I write this in every blog post... but really, time flies. I wrote half of this blog post way back then and I'm finishing it now.
This is a post filled with thoughts and questions I'm placing out in the world. It's just me pouring a small bucket of goop from my mind, onto this page. I think too much, I've been told I do too.

Top // Vintage Giordano (Dad's) + DIY
Pants // Thrifted
Hat // Polo Ralph Lauren
Belt // Thrifted

Growing up (for many) is a strange concept...
When you're 5, you want to be 10.
When you're 10, you want to be 15.
When you're 15, you want to be 18.
But then...
Once you're 30, you want to be 25.
Once you're 50, you want to be 30.

I was talking to someone and she said something along the lines of "you spend half your life wishing you were older, and the other half of your life wishing you were younger."
And that got me thinking. Where's the age where we are happy and accepting of who we are in this moment? When are we the 'right' age to do everything we want and everything we don't want to do? Does this 'perfect' age exist?
Honestly, I don't know. I'm 5 months into being 18 and I still feel 12... just in a bigger, taller body. As our body grows older, so does are mind, thoughts, exposure to society and the way with interact with each other - most often, without realising. We also become more mature. But what exactly does being mature mean? By definition...

fully developed in body or mind.

In relation to the mind... there are no exact measurements for being 'mature.' Essentially, being 'mature' is a social construct. When someone acts this way, we give them traits that we associate with 'maturity' - empathetic, thoughtful, gratuitous, wise. But how do we define a full development of the mind? We can't. It is based on what we are taught - it is based on these characteristics, personality types and the way with interact with others. 

What age do we become naturally mature?
Where do we exceed this idea that we are too young to be mature? 
When do we reach this ultimate maturity? 
Are we ever fully matured?


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  1. I don't think i've read anything as hard-hitting as this today. I always think a lot about the constant desire us as humankind subject ourselves to, but the idea of yearning for another age has never quite crossed my mind. I think most of it comes through feeling another age from the one you are. It can be frustrating when a mental mindset doesn't line up with physical factors e.g. body, experiences, circumstances.

    1. Rach! This response is so late, but yes. So real. Thank you for reading X

  2. Outfit is on top! And it's so true story about age.
    Petra xx http://90suniverse.weebly.com/