Moving Forward


Photos by David Suyasa

Oh how the year has flown by?! I can't believe it's nearly my 19th birthday and the new year! As you've noticed I've become less and less active on my blog. I spent the past year or two thinking it was a bad thing, but I've come to realise that it isn't at all. My creative efforts that were once placed into blogging have been spread elsewhere into other mediums and ideas. Occasionally, I like to post some photos and write a bit on here as an online document of my style and lovely shoots I've done! I think that's ok, but you'll have to deal with my sporadic posting.

A lot of my time has been focused on YouTube and Instagram. I think I like those two platforms the most due to the higher levels of interaction I have with viewers. Blogging is a very separate platform where it's difficult to establish yourself on, without being linked to other platforms and sites. I congratulate anyone that has found a following via blogging alone! I find it difficult to stumble upon blogs on it's own. There's no 'explore page' or 'recommended blogs' on the side of your screen. Blogging has become very stagnant and unfulfilling over time. It may sound like I am giving up on the whole thing, but I just find more enjoyment in the process of filming and editing a YouTube video - and the instant response on Instagram. I think from now on, blogging will be a side thing. I hope that's ok with you.

As for these photos, I shot with the lovely David the other day! We walked around The Rocks to get these lovely shots - he's so talented & an upcoming photographer doing awesome, big things already!

white dress // ASTER & LILOU *
black dress // LIPT LABEL *
necklace // GIFT
watch & cuffs // DANIEL WELLINGTON *
(Get 15% off Daniel Wellington using the code 'TARACHANDRA'
expires 31 dec 2016)
shoes // ASOS
sunglasses // GIANT VINTAGE

I really do hope you've all been doing well & are having a loving holiday at the moment :)
- Tara xx


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  1. beautiful photos! I often feel the same about blogging but for me photography is just something I need a pace to share and video editing is something I haven't quite gotten into yet

    The Quirky Queer