Holiday Diary || Part 1


Hello there sweet peas!

Today's post is a day-by-day 'diary' on my holidays, which sadly, recently finished (started school on 9 October) :((

Although I am extremely sad (and getting stressed again) due to school, with exams coming up in 4 weeks and the assignments piling up again, there are many things to look forward to this term! Such as.. the semi-formal, the 2 week: no classes break right after exams, The Jungle Giants concert this weekend, the One Direction concert in 3 weeks and, of course, Summer is coming. It officially is. Today, the 10th, was 36 whopping degrees. It's only Spring still! I might say I love Summer right now, but as soon as Summer actually comes, nope. Too hot down here. Bipolar Australia..

Any ways, enough with my blabbering! Here's the diary, enjoy! :)

Tara x
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Day One || Saturday 21 September:
Shop & Dinner.

I didn't do much on the first day of holidays. I went to Westfield and bought exercise gear from Kmart and supplies I needed for my fashion course (read further down!)
That night, I went out to dinner with my parents, sister, 2 cousins and my grandparents. We went to a Chinese restaurant in celebration of my sister finishing her trials.

Day Outfit for Day One. 

Day Two || Sunday 22 September:

On Sunday, I went to DFO with my mum. I bought quite a few items:

Red cut out shoes- Windsor Smith

I am so in love with these new shoes.

Gorgeous green and white pyjama pants- Cotton on Body
Black Studded Creepers- Windsor Smith
Black, long sleeved crop top- Dotti
Evil eye ring- Jay Jays
Evil eye bracelet- Jay Jays
I did some henna on my hand, I'll add a photo further down! 

Day Three || Monday 23 September:
Today was the first day of a fashion marketing course I did!
It was amazing. That's all I can say. Ahh
I met the 5 most amazingggg and kind girls and guy I could ever have met, and I was able to call them my family at the end of this 4 day course.
Cassie only turned up on the first day, as she got really sick :(
Hey Rebecca, Alex, Rachael, Amber and Cassie if you see this!
The fashion course was structured around creating a portfolio to use in the future when applying to fashion colleges/ universities, in the fashion industry (which I want to be a part of), etc.

Day one of the course: we made a mood board.
A mood board is basically a collage which follows a certain theme, structure and message, etc.
The theme for my mood board was 'bohemian'.
My mood board before I stuck it down!

The crazy mess Rachael and I made! 
For lunch, we went down to a food court, which basically wasn't even a food court.. it had like 5 places! :o I brought my food that day, but I had a Subway cookie, which was so good! :D

After the course, I went grocery shopping with mum and we bought cookies (cookies are the best)

If you have seen my OOTW video (OOTW Video), then you would have seen my outfits for this week already, but if you have not, here it is!
(Please excuse my face! I was really sick this week D: )

My Henna! 

Day Four || Tuesday 24 September:
Day two of the fashion marketing course.

We made flat lays for our portfolio! It was really fun, we were able to either choose items we brought from home, in their styling room or online and print them out. We photographed the items we wanted to include, imported them onto the macs then printed them. The macs were stuffing up, so I wasn't able to use one of my items, but that was fine. I mainly used items I found on polyvore.

It was really fun because Rebecca was photographing still and I was waiting for my stuff to print so we were mucking around and I laughed so hard! I had the best time, as you can tell!

After the course, I walked up a hill to my mum's work- which killed my calves as I was wearing my new, studded flatform creepers which weigh about 2kg- I swear! My best friend was there, as our mum's work together! (Best friend tag Video) She was with one of her school friends doing community service, which I met at her party. We walked to a corner store and bought ice creams. I bought a golden gay time. THE BEST ICE CREAM DSLIFJHBGLD. You don't even understand unless you have had one! :')

Here was my very, very outgoing outfit

Wearing my new studded creepers

Blue & White

Day Five || Wednesday 25 September:
Day three of the fashion marketing course:

The course was going so fast, I honestly couldn't believe how fast it went!!

We wrote some stuff on our flat lay and choose 3 advertisements and we had to write some more stuff on each of them- this was probably the most boring thing we did D: The fun side to this was having a laugh with Rachael about how we couldn't write! haha she kept saying 'English is my second language!' ahh bless her! hahah

At lunch, we found another food court which had heaps more stuff! I brought my lunch that day though which was annoying, but that's ok! haha

I was also super happy because the fashion marketing teacher/ guide person complimented my henna! She was so nice, had the best accent, best style and was so pretty! hehe

My outfit:
(My face again tho, I was really sick this day! D:)

Day Six || Thursday 26 September:
Day four of the fashion course:

I was literally the saddest person by the end of the course! I had gotten to know everyone so well and I honestly miss them so much right now! (We still comment on each others instagram photos haha aww)

We finished off our portfolios- created an advertisement for our own brand and wrote some more stuff and created a title page for our folder. I did a collage, as I love making collages!

The brand I created was 'Stellar'.
It was a brand focused on home/lounge wear.

At lunch, we were surprised with a free pizza and soft drink party, with a view of the Harbour Bridge!! It was kinda crazy. I didn't bring my camera to the room with me, but I wish I did!!

Found this picture on the college's instagram!
This is with another course that was going on as well- interior design? I'm not sure! 

We took photos back in the fashion marketing/design room.

Awkward picture of me hahha
L-R: Me, Rebecca, Rachael, Amber, Alex

Top: Me, Fashion Design Teacher, Amber, Alex
Bottom: Rachael, Rebecca

We were also able to poke our heads into a photo shoot one of the students at the college was doing, which was so cool!

At the end, we all had a group hug when we got out of the elevator, and then I hugged everyone individually before I walked up the hill, and they walked to the train station.

That was honestly one of the best experiences I have ever had! :')

Here's my outfit from the day (please mind the face still)

Day Seven || Friday 27 September:
City Slickin'.

If you saw my 'City Slickin' OOTD' with my gorgeous friends, Jess and Fiona, you would know the basis of what we did!

(Watch City Slickin' OOTD Video)

001. I went to Fiona's house, caught the bus to the train station then met Jess on York Street. We were meant to meet on George Street, but she got out on the wrong side of the station. We eventually found our way to George Street and we walked to Circular Quay.

002. On our journey we passed lots of beautiful buildings! Here is one of them:

We also saw a group of girls in our grade! All of which I have different classes with!

003. We were about to go into the MCA, but we saw this really awesome cement wall, with a man's face chipped into it!! It was super cool, so we took lots of photos here, and filmed our OOTD! :D

Henna, Nail Polish & Rings.

L-R: Jess, Fiona, Myself (Tara)

J-rebz & I.

Jess & Fi- Cutiess!

004. We were right next to MCA when we saw this epic eye wear store! We went inside and had a look around. The interior of the store was amazing. We saw the amazing Mia Marli (http://neukt.tumblr.com/) on posters on the wall, which was pretty sick! We talked to the owner a bit and he gave one of the posters to us, which Fiona kept.
Their online store: http://onkler.com/

This mirror made our legs look so long!!

005. We eventually went to the MCA! There were some pretty cool new exhibitions!
It was funny because we were looking for the toilet and we somehow got lost, went into an elevator for business people which needed a card to go onto levels and we were like wut. hahaha it was kinda awkward, but we eventually found the bathroom! xD

Took this when we were trying to find the bathroom haha

Everyone has this picture


006. We were really hungry during the Museum, so we decided to get some lunch! We walked around Circular Quay and didn't find anything nice and reasonably priced. We stopped to watch a busker do tricks on his unicycles and there was a really hot/cute tourist guy watching omg. We decided we would walk to Pitt Street instead. About 100m away from the busker was a little shopping centre with a food court. We had a look around and found some fish and chips and then we further decided to walk to the Botanical Gardens (Past the Opera House). We sat down and ate our lunch, took pictures, and saw more girls in our grade at school! We basically saw everyone haha

Took this fab photo of J-rebz

We're not Asian tourists?! What are you talking about?!


007. We had a lovely little stroll through the gardens, where we found this structure.. Afterwards, we found some bamboo. Now.. I'm pretty certain we spent about an hour taking pictures here! It was just too cool to not take some snaps..

Re-enacting 'The Sound of Music'
I've never seen it..

Jess = Model Material
Fiona = Asian Goddess
Me = Awkward

008. We walked to the QVB, around some shops and bought some Gelato! I bought myself a cookies and cream gelato.

009. Jess had to leave after gelato, so Fiona and I walked to Pitt Street. We walked around the shops and watched the buskers, Everything After (picture). Fiona also saw the winner of Australia's Next Top Model and I took a photo of them together (on Fiona's phone).

010. We met Fiona's mum later and I went to her house for a sleepover. We bought a Portugese Burger, chips and a drink for dinner. After showering and all that, we watched a couple episodes of Breaking Bad! Ahh best show YO!!

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I hope you enjoyed the post, It was extremeellyyyy long! 

Ahh this took me about 5-6 hours to write D: 

Watch out for Part 2 which will hopefully be up soon! :))

Tara x

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  1. I adored this post and I absolutely love your style wow. oh gosh 36 degrees in Australia! Were not even reaching half that in NZ haha. x It seems like you had an amazing holiday :) x

    1. Thank you so much Abigail!!
      Ah, not sure if that was a one off day, but it was so hot yesterday!!
      Yes I had a great holiday! :)) Thank you for reading x

  2. omg honestly, your life seems amazing :-(
    if only perth was half as exciting as the eastern states (which state are you from !?!??!)
    anyway, your fashion is amazing and i hope you go far in the industry!

    1. Aww it's so far from it! This is honestly the most I've ever done in the holidays!
      I'm from NSW :)
      Thank you so much lovely, you're so sweet! xxx