A Tree Grows In Brooklyn


 A self-realisation/ a book review/ a ramble/ a thought post 
on this magnificent novel.

Written: Sat.19.Oct.2013.

I finished reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn in the car today- on the way home from volleyball. I had been reading it on and off for the past month or so. Some people may think it took me so long to read because it’s a big book or because it was a bad book or because it was a hard book to read or because I suck at reading or I just didn’t have time. Some of those are true, but honestly, it took me a long time because I wanted to be able to read it with full concentration…I wanted to devour each sentence written. Each line and word holds meaning. It didn’t ramble on, as many books do- and I do. It went to the point. 

Thinking about it now, the book took me on so many journeys, without realising it. I was placed into Brooklyn, living the life of a young girl, Francie. I followed her around till she turned 16. Born into a poor family- the book outlined her everyday struggles and implanted a sense of meaning into each lesson she learnt along the way. It was as if I was her guardian angel, however, I couldn’t talk to her, I just watched every step she took and listened to every thought she thought. 

There were parts of the novel where Francie talked about how lonely she was. I would stop at those points and think about how much I could relate to her. 
There was one part near the end, where Francie thinks about one man she loves, she says “…there was no heading labelled 'Lonliness.'” 
That part struck me suddenly. 
This text was set before and during the beginning of World War One. 
Francie, the age of 16, my age in 2 months. 
We feel the same way. 
A century ago, people still felt the same way as the people now days. 
The societal values have changed, yet the people haven’t. 

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is honestly a book a person won’t regret reading. It’s an easy text to read for all ages (but I recommend it to teenagers/young adults and up). I’m not even sure what this post was meant to be, sort of a self-realisation/ a book review/ rambling/ thought post. But definitely read it at some point in your life. It has become a book I highly laud and will re-read in the future. It’s a novel which I have placed high up there with To Kill a Mockingbird. 

I don’t know, I hope you enjoyed this post?! Let me know if you want more of these in the future? 

Tara xxx


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  1. It reminds me a bit of Chinese Cinderella, but I may be wrong. I'll be sure to look out for it in my secondhand book store. I think this may be your first book review on the blog, but it was well written and straightforward (as you described the book). Do feel free to share more of your book suggestions :))
    PS When's your birthday? ;)

    1. Ah I love that book!
      but tbh, it's not very similar! But both are great reads :')
      Yes it is! aw thanks Rachel, you babe!!
      Tara xxx
      p.s. 30 dec hehe, birthday girl in 3 days!!

  2. I see you are a cactus collector yourself :L I have two on my desk (plus a fern).

    I'll be sure to look out for that book but I usually read fantasy/adventure myself. You should give The Book Thief by Mark Zusak ago! (it's not fantasy). It's really moving and I cried about 3-5 times ahha!


    1. Yes! I am an absolute sucker for cacti!! I seriously have to force myself not to buy anymore, it's a bit of an obsession.

      Yes, definitely give it a read! Oh and The Book Thief is another of my favourite books!! I personally didn't cry because it was expected, but I agree, I did have a tear in my eye throughout it!

      Thank you for reading! xxx

  3. I usually have the same troubles when it comes to reading, so sometimes it takes me a month or two to finish a book.. x) But I don't really care how long it takes me to read 'cause I like to actually understand the book as well. That sounds like a good read, & this was a great post; keep it coming. :)

    ^^ & omg The Book Thief is definitely a must read!

    lots of love, Dana Carmella
    Bloglovin' & Blog: Pretty Odd ♡

    1. Ah exactly! hahah :)
      Yes, definitely read it!!!
      Thank you!! xxx