Holiday Diary || Part 2


Day Eight || Saturday 28 September:

This was the first day staying home the whole holidays! 
I didn't do much... basically just watched Breaking Bad, had hot chocolate and made some pasta for lunch.

Day Nine || Sunday 29 September:
Adventure time.

This Sunday I went to the beloved, IKEA. The home of literally, a home inside a store... the BEST store. I went to an IKEA which I've never been to as I needed to exchange my desk as it had a crack in it. The store I usually go to, didn't have a new desk so I had to go here. At IKEA my dad and I wandered around, while my mum waited in the extremely long queue to return the desk. I picked up a couple items including:

  • ANOTHER CACTUS! :") My love for cacti is crazy.. haha
  • 2 boxes to place on my desk for storage
  • A stand for my desk (which is meant for kitchen stuff but it's pretty funky anyway)

Cactus and sneak peak OOTD (read further for full outfit)

After we bought everything, my dad got a coffee (which apparently didn't taste very good?) and mum bought cinnamon rolls!

After IKEA, we went to Newtown! I la la love Newtown with a passion! All the quirky little stores and the atmosphere! I just love it! :')

Saw this in Newtown, had to take a photo.
Tumblr worthy.

We parked the car and walked around a bit of a quiet area where there were antique stores and clothes store. We went back to the car and drove up the road a bit to the more up-beat section. As we drove past a store, I saw some overalls through the door and I had to go there! Parking the car once again, I power walked up to the store. There they were. A rack of beautiful, vintage overalls. 

I picked up the pair that was my favourite and I tried it on. It was a bit big, so I tried on a couple others. In the end I went with the first one I tried on. I HAVE WANTED OVERALLS FOR THE LONGEST TIME, MY DREAM CAME TRUE THAT DAY! :")

Overalls, Cactus and the book I was currently reading (BEST BOOK EVER OK)

Also, in the store when i was trying on the overalls, I saw a girl which looked like a girl i follow on instagram! We both thought each other looked familiar. I commented on her instagram picture that night asking if she was in the store, Bon Doi, and she was! That was really cool, as she isn't from NSW and was here on holidays! :) Hey Connie if you read this!! Connies blog: http://itsconnieyeah.blogspot.com/

On the way home, my sister called up (who is studying for her HSC) and asked for a kebab. So we stopped off and bought some kebabs. Wow. I honestly cannot express my love for kebabs in words. I had one for dinner. *dies just thinking about it*

Here is my OOTD from that day! :)

West-Side bbys

I have the awkwardest tan..
Back of my outfit

Choker: ?
Obsessed with chokers atm

Socks: ?
Creepers: Windsor Smith | Lipstik
Bag: Vinnies | Milleni

Top: ?
Leather Shorts: General Pants | All About Eve
Cap: ? 

Day Ten || Monday 30 September:
Lazy Days.

Day ten of holidays, already?! I stayed at home and watched about 4 or 5 episodes of Breaking Bad. A new found love. It was a super hot day and a great time to relax!

Day Eleven || Tuesday 1 October:
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mum! And one of my mum's best friends, my friend's mum and basically my second mum!

I went out with my friends this day. I don't really hang out with them often, Sophia and Amanda. But they are two lovely and sweet girls who I have known since primary school! Fiona was going to come with us but she forgot she had a reunion with some of her friends. We all had a rad time!

That day was absolutely, stinking hot! I was wearing my overalls so it was bearable, but still hot!

I had an orthodontist appointment in the morning. I don't have to wear my retainer all the time now! Yay!

I met up with Sophia and then Amanda. We walked around some shops. We ventured to a Salvation Army which i have wanted to go to for ages! There was this amazing, beautiful red maxi dress! It was stunning, but I had to leave it as I'm not meant to buy stuff, again.

For lunch we went to Dumpling Land! It's not actually called that, but they have amazing dumplings there! :')

My first day wearing my new overalls ft. my funky hair! I was going to do 3 braids, but wasn't bothered, so I turned the middle one into a pony tail! haha

That night, to celebrate my mum and my other mum's birthday ;) We went out to dinner with my family, my grandparents, my best friend and her mum and my other mum's family! :)

We went to a lovely thai restaurant for dinner.

My dad and gpa are MIA

L-R: My best friend, Nicole - Myself - My sister, Nat

Mum bought a mango cake which was actually pretty nice!
Afterwards, we walked back to my otha mum's house haha and it was so funny! We arrived there before the parents so we hid behind doors to scare them. My dad walked in and omg Koray jumped up and scared him! It was hilarious, oh my xD

We drunk tea and talked and Nicole and I took so many derps ahhaha (not going to post any omg)

It was a great day! :)

Day Twelve || Wednesday 2 October:

I met up with Nicole again.. to watch the amazing 1D Movie!! :') 

We bought some sushi before the movie as we watched near lunch time. 

When you try your best, but you don't succeed..

IT WAS HONESTLY AMAZING I WAS LIKE CRYING AND SHAKING THROUGHOUT IT OK. My love for them has definitely been rekindled.  

After the movie we wandered around a couple shops then found a spot to sit.. and take selfies.. hahha

We went back inside and decided.. we needed to do this photobooth thing at Morning Glory! For about 3 or 4 years, we always went to that store every time we were together! We hadn't done it in soooo long, so it was super fun! haha, it brings back so many memories :')

That face wasn't posed in the bath one omg
We wandered around a few more stores, than bought some yogurberry :)
Mine is the green one and Nicole's is the pink one! :)

When I got home, I watched 3 episodes of Breaking Bad... such a good and addictive show! eugGGGgG

Day Thirteen || Thursday 3 October:

Another lazy day doing maths homework.. procrastinating.. finished season 2 of Breaking Bad.. 
It was a cold day with rain, a nice change to the hot weather.

Day Thirteen || Friday 4 October:
Lazy again.

I didn't do much, stayed home once again- did some homework and filmed my DIY Tassels Video.
Dad made some laksa for lunch, which was glorious! :') 
I watched 3 episodes of Breaking Bad.. till it crashed on me..
Mum and Dad rented a movie, 'Snitch' which was alright.

Day Fourteen || Saturday 5 October:
Home Life.

Stayed at home..again! 
I had a really nice lunch- eel and rice! mmm yes! I swear food is the highlight of my days! haha

I randomly cleaned my room... a lot?! idk.. but I love finding old things and reminiscing about times while listening to music. That could just be me?!

I also spent 3 hours editing a 3 minute video? haha usually doesn't take thatttt long

Day Fifteen || Sunday 6 October:
Fun Times.

I had such a great day!

I went to Rozelle Markets in Balmain with my mum and my dad. We just walked around and looked at the stalls. I was super duper happy as I purchased this gorgeous plaid skirt, for... wait for it... only $2!! 
More images further down!

After we had walked around the market, we walked around Balmain. We went into this epic store, which i've been to before, but it's so cool! Here are some pictures I took last time I went there:

A person who worked there complimented my overalls which was pretty rad! :)

We also went to an organic store, which was really nicely designed and the products were all really cool! Dad bought this weird yoghurt? stuff, which I personally didn't like but it looked cool.

After walking around we drove home, and stopped by at a local grocery store. My parents went in but I just sat on a bench outside the store reading my book, 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn'. I finished reading it yesterday (20 Oct) and it was honestly one of the most amazing books I have ever read! I actually wrote a little thing on it, so I might post that :)

We bought golden gay times. If you are not from Australia. YOU ARE MISSING OUT. They are the best ice creams in the world! A cream ice cream with chocolate and crushed biscuits coating it :')
I had to take a photoo of it. They are the best ok.

That night, my family went to my grandparents house for dinner. My grandparents made a feast! We had salmon with white radish topped with this amazing sauce, korean beef, veges and lots more! We face timed my aunty, uncle and cousin- who is the most adorable little girl ever! 

What can I say, I told you it was a great day! 
(rhymed a bit haha)

Day Sixteen || Monday 7 October:
Make do with what you have.

Second last day of holidays.. ah, but my mood hadn't dropped yet!

I stayed home but I decorated my room loads! I changed my curtains to these beautiful, lace-sort-of ones!

You can sort of see it here!
I also created a collage using magazine images. 

I also tie-dyed for the first time! I had a kit I was given in primary school for my birthday.. and I finally put it to good use!

Keep reading to see the end result!

That night, I also watched another episode of Breaking Bad.. a trust! ;)

Day Seventeen || Tuesday 8 October:
Chilled Day out in the City

If you saw my Chilled Day Out OOTD video, you would know what we did today, but here's it with photos and words!

I went to the city with my two Asian bestiez, Sera and Fiona! 

We walked around Pitt St. first, which was basically empty as most people were already back at school!
All the navy people were around which was really cool.

For lunch we had maccas and we got a free wrap because Sera had some vouchers, yay for free food! 
We then walked to Darling Harbour where we went to the Lindt Cafe and we each got an ice drink.

Mine- Dark Chocolate
Fiona- Milk Chocolate
Sera- Coffee

Sippy Sippy... AHHHHHHHHH ;)
Swamp Family, anyone?!

((Breaking Bad))
We took some photos in Darling Harbour and just chilled on the steps and stuff. It was such a lovely, warm day!

Edited the hand in, that's why it looks so fake haha

We were meant to catch the bus home, but we couldn't find the bus stop (oops) so we just caught the train home hehe.
But we took some pretty rad photos!

When I got home I took some more photos as I wanted to use them as an application thing! Here are just some other random pics I took as an OOTD post to post here :))

My tie-dying turned out pretty rad!! Yay, so happy with how it went, seeing as it was my first time ever! :) 

Well that's all for my Holiday Diary! I really hope you enjoyed it! It took me a while to write and stuff :)

Anyways, I hope to write soon, however it may not be possible as I have exams coming up soon! Eek! 

Stay safe and have a lovely week!:)

Tara xxx


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  1. So glad your holidays were productive, honestly that is so cool that you saw a person from social media in reality! Wish that happened to me more often haha. Also just want to keep reminding you that you have the most unique style, ever. Don't forget that :~)
    By the way, hope your parents loosen up and let you buy stuff xx

    1. Aw thanks Rachel! Haha I was kind of surprised and was like wut?!
      Hhaah thank you :")
      hahahaha yes, me too ;) xxx

  2. Great photos; looks like a ton of fun! & I'm really digging those socks (the one with the red & blue stripes) & that plaid skirt. :))

    lots of love, Dana Carmella
    Bloglovin' & Blog: Pretty Odd ♡

    1. Ah it was! So excited for next holidays to come already! :')
      Haha those are my trusty socks & plaid skirt :')

  3. I'm in love with your blog, insta + youtube omg so perfect and gorg!