One Direction Concert


On the 26th of October, I attended the One Direction concert.

If you've known my for a while... I was severely infected with 'One Direction Infection' (haha oh wow)

Two years ago, I discovered a boy band which honestly changed my life.

I attended their first ever Australian concert on the 13th of April 2012 (matinee) in the beginning of their most popular stage.

When tickets came out, I unfortunately missed out. I found out during maths class... let's just say I had to leave class I was literally sobbing. Whenever people just said One Direction I burst into tears. However, my friend managed to get 7 tickets (God knows how?!) and she gave me one of them. Bless her cotton socks. Thank you Molly.

I was so close to the stage
I was one happy child

Seeing them live was my biggest dream. It was my first ever concert too, which i honestly won't ever forget.

Ok, so some of you may be wondering about my music taste. One Direction are basically the only pop music I listen to. idk I guess they just caught on through my conversion from pop music to indie/alt.

But this year, I went again. It was absolutely surreal. I was about 3 metres from the second stage, probably even closer as we all pushed as close as we could to the stage (probably whacked like 50 people in the head oops)

Ok, now to my actual outfit!

Thanks for reading guys xxx

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  1. Cutest overall outfit! and lucky you, you were so close to them ♥

    Stop Motion words

  2. First concerts are honestly the best (and you were super close, that's definitely a bonus!), especially the atmosphere! And your outfit is overally cute :) *horrible pun intended*

    1. Yes I totally agree! I love it when people are so into it and they start singing along :') hehe
      HAHAHAH THANK YOU no that was good! xD