Yr 10 Semi-Formal Outfits


Hi lovelies!!

So on Monday (25 November 2013) was an exciting day, for numerous reasons!

  1. I had my last two assessment tasks! 
  2. We were allowed to leave at midday
  3. We had our year 10 semi-formal!

As you can probably tell from above, all my friends looked absolutely stunning- as always! We had such a fun night dancing together and going crazy!

I thought I'd make a post showing some gorgeous photos of my friends and talking through what I did to get ready and what we did during the night!

So basically... or not so basically, here is what I/we did! 

001. My aunty was meant to come over at 3:00 to do my make up and hair but a few dilemmas popped up so we had to drive over to her place. She did my amazinggg makeup and hair which actually looked crazy amazing (especially with my fake eyelashes?!?) But the fake eyelashes made my left eye so much bigger than my right... uh it looks kinda, really, super weird in the photos, so please excuse that!! D:

002. I had pre's at my friends house at 5:00. We were running a bit late as we only started my make up at around 3:50 and then had to drive home! I ran around the house trying to get everything sorted and get changed into my dress- in literally 5 minutes! D:
During these 5 minutes I managed to take a selfie haha.. This is the only photo I have of my make up close up! Sorry for the awkward and really bad selfie... 

003. I arrived at my friend's house which is a 2 minute drive up the road. Everyone looked absolutely stunning!! At first, we just stood around and talked and drank these amazing hibiscus drinks my friend made!! I sadly don't have any photos of the drink close up, but here is one of myself and my sister drinking it!

Please excuse my face oh gosh... myself + candid photos don't run well

004. We then walked outside and the photos and food began!


Kath & Myself --- Jemma & Myself

Fifi, Myself, Kath, Sera, Bec, Julia-- Jemma hadn't arrived yet!

Fifi, Myself, Kath and Sera

Jemma, Sera and I

Myself, Fiona and Sera

Myself, Fifi and Sera

Myself, Fifi and Sera

Fiona (Fifi) and I

Sera and I

Bec and I

Jemma and I

Kath and I

Julia and I

Beautiful Fifi, whose birthday was on the day of formal!

Candid shot haha aw Sera being the cute (n short) lil asian she is! ;)

Wasn't ready...

My beautiful friends

005. At about 6:45 we all carpooled to the venue! We waited outside, complimenting everyone else on how stunning they looked. My group was the only table who didn't have any partners on it!

006. When the doors opened, our clutches were checked and we went single file in, greeting all the teachers who had come. It was a bit awkward- like- it was either a hand shake/ hug / kiss on the cheek / awkward-what-do-i-do-greeting haha. We received a fizzy fruity drink after greeting the teachers and struggled our way down these massive stairs to the ground where everyone had congregated.

007. For about 45 minutes, we all 'ran' or hobbled around in our heels complimenting people we had never spoken to and hugging our friends being introduced to their dates and so on.

008. The doors opened and we all walked in and sat at our tables which we had pre-organised. A man spoke a bit about the rules inside (such as no drinks on the dance floor, etc) then one of the loveliest and most beautiful girls, Mia (Hi Mia if you see this!), went up and introduced the evening and we said a prayer (Catholic School).

009. After about 15 minutes, dinner was served. We had a piece of steak on mash potato and gravy with a mushroom and broccolini on the side, which was okay. After we finished eating we walked around the room a bit talking to more people. After another 15 or 20 minutes, we were told to sit down again.

010. Two girls started to call out some random 'awards' such as 'best best friends', 'loudest girl', etc. where the nominees names were said then who had won. While our sticky date pudding, ice cream and strawberry desert was served. Half way through the awards, my friend had organised a candle to be put in Fiona's pudding as it was her birthday! It was such a lovely thing of her to do and everyone started singing happy birthday! haha she was really embarrassed but it was really cute. Myself, Sera, Fifi, Liv and Lucy were nominated for 'Most Indie' haha and Lucy won! Which was really rad hahaha

011. After desert.. the dancing began! It was awkward at first because I was wearing my heels, my feet were killing and I could barely walk. After about 20 minutes and not enjoying myself, I took of my heels and went crazy! I literally danced with my friends all night. The music was a bit... sucky... and they didn't play any of our suggestions, but I still had a good time! The only good songs they played, was probably 'Summertime Sadness',' Riptide' and 'WMYB'. It was literally like a mini mosh! Sometimes there would be random 'holes' form where people would start going in and dancing. Other times, people would go on their partner's shoulders. 

012. After the last song played, we returned to our seats. When I sat down, I hit my toe on my chair and I got a cramp in that toe and I couldn't move it! I literally thought I had broken it, as my toe was bent in the worst position and I couldn't walk or move it back! D: I ended up walking barefoot to the car park as my feet were black anyway.

So that was the end of such a memorable and amazing night!!
I hope you all enjoyed this post and congratulations if you read it all! hahah :D

Love Tara xxx

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  1. wow, your dance so much better than mine!
    it's good to see you had such a memorable night :P
    and you look really gorgeous in the pictures (i really love the dress)

    1. It was pretty fun!! :D
      Aw thank you so much lovely!! xxx

  2. You and your friends actually looked stunning. I love how all of you have individual frocks to match your personalities!
    That dress really suits you, and the awards certainly do so too :) Nice to know you guys had a fun night, I can't wait till my first dinner-and-dance, it better be good.