It's 2015.
This is scary to talk about...
I remember so clearly, this time last year- as if it were only yesterday.
I had so many amazing memories, achievements and opportunities in 2014. 
I don't want to forget them at all. 
So, here's to that- although I have probably forgotten so many..!

  • Travelling to Thailand with my family in January
  • Boy and Bear concert - the first concert I have been to by myself!!! It was amazing nonetheless.
  • San Cisco concert - front row and centre in the mosh. What can I say? Jordi is a beautiful specimen...
  • Holding a stall at Kirribilli Markets! My first ever market stall :)
  • I was able to celebrate my birthday with my beautiful friends Johanna and Dani, 2 days ago. Spending time with Johanna has been amazing over the past week, as she has been my friend since preschool, where we met, and she currently lives in the US.
  • This New Years Eve, I was able to spend time with my two school friends, Sophia and Fiona! It was my first year celebrating without my family. We watched the 9:00 and 12:00 fireworks at a local bay near Sophia's house :)
  • This year, I have also met a lot of my followers/subscribers!! Whether it's in the city, at my friend's school musical, at concerts (wow esp at san cisco!!), at markets and more... I love meeting you all!! Despite my awkwardness, I love you all 
  • I met Mimi Elashiry at Glebe Markets a couple weeks ago! (Click for blog post)

  • I am a quiet person. So, being nominated for my school's public speaking finals was a big deal for me. But to receive a 'Highly Commended' trophy was an even bigger shock.
  • I was nominated as 'Justice and Democracy Captain' for this year. Some of you many know that I am extremely passionate about world issues, which I want to try and raise awareness about. It's even greater that one of my close friend's, Jess, is the J&D Vice Captain! :)
  • I completed one of my HSC subjects this year as part of an accelerated program - Studies of Religion (SOR). Although I stuffed up my trial exams, I managed to do WAY better than I would have ever expected and I'm so happy about this, giving me hope for my other subjects!!! 
  • I reached 3,000 subscribers on YouTube!
  • I reached 7,400 followers on Instagram! (Although I managed to lose up to 600 followers in the spam removal, but I'm making my way back!)
  • I reached 100+ followers on Bloglovin'!! :)
  • After years of dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, I became one. In late August 2014, I began Stellar Boutique and I'm proud of how far it has come in such little time! :)

  • I have met so many inspiring, amazing young people this year. Many of which are my Instagram friends. I don't think I've ever felt so loved by so many people- where I have been able to connect so closely with others. I'm so grateful to have gotten to know these girls and guys over the span of a year... Although I have many other friends that live in other states/ around the world, here's a shoutout to these special people in my life that I have met! Luke, Bon, Maggie, Emilie, Belinda, Kitty, Coz, Jadie, Jess, Joely and Bella! (Sorry if I missed you out :O) But I really hope I'll be able to meet the others some time soon!
  • I never really realised this till a few weeks ago- but I only started collaborating with businesses in early 2014. It's crazy, because I feel like I've been able to collaborate with so so so many amazing small and large businesses!!! (If you want to see a couple of the collaborations I have done, you can click, here)
  • I won tickets to attend Fashion Week!!! I saw the Raffles International Showcase show. It was beyond amazing + I was able to meet Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Girl) and the Stenmark twins (models)! 
  • I also won tickets to attend Fashion Weekend. Although it wasn't that great, I met up with a couple instagram friends! (Belinda, Kitty, Coz, Jadie, Bon, Bella, Maggie)
  • I was selected by my school to attend a refugee forum in Melbourne! I flew down with 5 other girls for 3 days. It was an amazing experience.

Despite having such as wonderful year - here's to 2015. 
My final years of school and time to make more memories, achieve bigger things and gain newer opportunities.

Top: Urban Outfitters - Kimchi Blue
Sarong: Mum's - Thailand
Shoes: Windsor Smith
Bag: Gift
Rings: Gifts
Earrings: Gift
Bracelet: Gift - Sportsgirl
- Choker- Geulisy
- 2nd&3rd Choker: Foam Boutique
- Blue Necklace: Dead Sea Jewellery



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  1. congratulations on such a successful year! you definitely are one hella cool (and inspiring) chick!
    - jess-entricc@blogspot.com xx

  2. Love the outfit (as always!). Congrats for having such a amazing year! And fashion week?!?! pooh, and congrats (again)
    for being nominated the Justice and Democracy Captain! I also have a huge interest for world issues.
    With Love Miina


    1. Hi Mina :)
      ahhh thank you!! hehe fashion week was sososo amazing, hopefully i can manage to attend again this year! :)
      And thank you!! I might touch on a few issues on this blog this year
      Tara xo

  3. You're year seemed to be so unbelievable and I'm so happy for you! I hope 2015 will be filled with so many more amazing opportunities and memories for you!! your outfit is super cute as always!


    1. You're so so sweet! Thank you angel :)) xo