SINGAPORE / 4 / Singapore Meet-up


Probably one of the most surreal moments... I had a meet-up?!
I held a meet up after numerous requests on Instagram! I didn't really expect people to come as I organised it at 6pm the night before... But around 20 of my lovely followers came around for a visit!
We took way too many photos for the 1hr we were there, we chatted and I also took a couple photos with passer-bys who thought I was famous, oh god xD
We took a group photo, not everyone made it into the photo as some had already left/ came later! Sorry if you didn't get into the photo :(
I honestly can't believe it happened...
But thank you for the cute notes and gifts!!! :') I was literally crying afterwards reading them all!
Thank you to everyone who came to the meet-up. You are the loveliest bunch of gals and I couldn't ask for a better following! <3

It was also so so lovely to meet my first ever blogger friend, Rachel, from LUCID STARS!!!
I never really thought about meeting her till we realised we would be in Singapore at the same time! She cam to the meet up and afterwards we walked around SCAPE & went up to the ION Sky Tower to see Singapore's view. Needless to say, she is the sweetest person EVER.
Hey Rachel if you see this! You're awesome and hopefully we can catch up again some day! :')

~ Singapore Series ~
Top: ICE
Shoes: ASOS

- Choker: Geulisy *
- 2 Blue Chokers: Aster and Lilou *
- Blue Necklace: Dead Sea Jewellery *
- Hindu: SORA *
- Opalite: Tree of Life
- Earrings: Angel Puffs *

ftc. items marked with * were sent to me to promote.

Rachel and I

'SINGAPORE / 3 / Garden Fairy'

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  1. One of the best experiences thus far in my holidays! Again, I had a good time and hopefully we'll do this again in the near future! xxx

    1. <3333 Yes hopefully we can catch up some time soon!!!! xo