April & May Collective Haul


Well hello there!

After a long awaited video for two weeks, oops, I am here with one!

*Drum roll please*

My April and May Collective Haul

Ok, maybe not as exciting as you wished, but exciting for me because firstly, who doesn't love new stuff? Secondly, there is something in it for you, bloopers. Yay! If you don't like bloopers... you can enjoy my awkwardness in front of the camera? (Awkwardness is always funny isn't it? Maybe that's just me)

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this video- whether it is funny or not.

Here you go:

Click 'Read More' to see some pictures!

Also some photos I took on the day I filmed this (which may or may not have been two weeks ago- I really need to get on top of editing and uploading!)

The latest trend- Fence sitting- It's not brick sitting any more!

Who doesn't love succulents?!

Escaping into the garden

Can you see the ant? Yeh, neither can i

May or may not have nearly fallen off the ladder..
Outfit information: 
Flower garland made by my friend, Fluffy Jacket from Valleygirl, High Waisted Shorts from Salvation Army, Tank Top from Valleygirl and Jelly Shoes from jbeans.

Hope you enjoyed the video and extremely posed photos!


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