Best Friend Tag!


Hello my (few) avid blog readers,

(well i hope you are avid blog readers..)

I uploaded another video yesterday, the Best Friend Tag.

You can watch it here :D (Making it easy for you guys, come on, watch it!)

This took ages to upload- 20+ hours and along with that, actually converting the file into a video took about an hour too and longer because I had to redo it 4 times due to my silly editor -.-

Anyways, you're probably all wondering where my fashion posts are... Yep, about that. I am onto it, I promise! I filmed a simple video today which i will probably upload next week- So look out for that!

I will be uploading a really short OOTN which is a sort of sneak peak for a maybe upcoming video, i am not too sure yet though.

Stay tuned for tons of upcoming posts and videos!

Have a lovely day,

Tara x
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