Welcome to my blog!


Hello, Hi, Hey!

Welcome to my blog!

I guess I'll introduce myself:

I am Tara, a 15-year-old from Australia currently in High School- year 10. One of my life goals is to become an entrepreneur in the fashion industry or/and to work in business and fashion. I have a huge hobby and love for fashion, photography, youtube and blogging (this isn't my first time! haha).

About this blog:

Firstly, this blog was created for a project, an honours project more specifically, as an out of curriculum project. My chosen topic is "To create a website on hair and fashion".  A lot of research into the three sub-topics of hair, fashion and WWW has been conducted to help me create this blog. It has been a long time- nearly a year- since I begun my research. I've been a bit slack till now where exams are over, holidays are near and therefore more time! So that's a bit of background information about why and how this blog came to be.

Secondly, don't think that the only reason I am doing this is for my project! I have always wanted a blog on fashion, actually before I even started the project! The project has given me heaps of time to sort everything out, plan for the future and now- creating this blog! In addition to this, this blog will also be used to post information and images of videos from my Youtube Channel. My Youtube Channel is a compilation (ok, maybe not right now, but it will be!) of fashion, DIY and vlogs.

Thirdly, this blog will be an accumulation of my style, my interests and inspiration. Who knows what the future holds? Maybe I'll buy a sewing machine and suddenly magically be able to sew! Who knows, maybe I could do some posts like that in the future? ;) I have ideas. For now, I'm going to focus on fashion then move, slowly and steadily, into hair. Hair is a bit harder than fashion I must say. You actually need more than a tripod and self-timer. By that I mean I need a person to take/film me to show details and precision (I'm currently making hair sound like a work of art rather than a birds nest on my head...).

To conclude?:

I want all of you to enjoy my posts, comment giving me feedback and take something from this. Take with you a piece of inspiration for yourself. Manipulate and re-create these things in your own ways!

Have a beautiful day/night,


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  1. Hey, I'm one of your biggest Youtube fans! I'm so thrilled you've started this blog, I'd love to see your written work as well.
    Also, a friendly tip: You should sign up for Bloglovin', it's the main following system in the blogosphere. You can follow any blogs you like, and other people can follow yours :)

    Much love, Rach xx

    1. Oh my thank you!! :D
      Oh I'll have a look, because I have noticed some bloggers using it and wasn't sure what it was!
      Thank you heaps for this comment, it means heaps!

    2. Just created a Bloglovin' account :) Followed you, thank you for letting me know about this!

  2. And your from Australia ... god I'm jealous ! haha
    Good luck pursuing your dreams :)