Season's Love Tag


The rain stopped this morning, but there are still puddles and wet roads out there.

Hello my fellow bloggers and friends!

Today I am here today with a tag. I was tagged by the lovely Rachel- Check out her fabulous blog!

1. Where do you live?
I live in Australia in the suburbs of a place in New South Wales.

2. What season are you in?
At the moment, we are in Winter. Down here in the Southern Hemisphere- we have opposite seasons to those in the Northern Hemisphere

3. What is the best thing about it? (The season you are in)
Hmmm... probably skiing! I haven't been skiing in a couple years now, but I love it! I used to go most years, but now in high school, my sister and I are a bit busier and just don't have the time to go (especially since it's my sister's final year and the HSC is coming up! D:)
But besides skiing, I love winter clothes, especially layering like denim jackets, sweaters, fluffy/furry coats.
Also rain. Not being out in the rain, but sitting inside and being in bed with tea, and reading a book or watching Youtube or shows on your laptop.

4. What is your favourite season?
My favourite season is Summer. I just love how warm it is and how you don't have to carry that extra jacket which takes up so much space. But I do really quite hate mosquitoes.

5. A fashion item for the season.
Denim jacket. Enough said.

6. A beauty item for the season.
NYX Sierra Lipstick, Nivea Repair and Protection Lip balm and Lolita Baby Lips Color Lip balm. Nothing can go wrong here!
(unless you have chapped lips and your lipstick goes gross on your dry lips D: That can end horribly.. been there done that)

7. A fragrance item for the season.
I'll probably just say this all year round- 'Curious' by Brittney Spears or 'Rebel-Fleur' by Rihanna.
If we were in Summer however, I would say 'Crescent Bay' by Hollister.
I'm going to take this to a new level and say a candle. I recently bought a home-made 'Pomegranate and Acai' candle from some markets. I am yet to burn it, but it smells delicious, yes!

Left: CuriousRight: Rebel-Fleur

8. Favourite drink/food? (Season you're in)
Hmmm that's hard! For a drink.. definitely tea!! I love green tea as a simple and quick decision, but also English Breakfast, Ginger tea and also a vanilla tea (which i have forgotten the name to) from T2.
Tea enthusiast right here

For food, I would say home-made sweet potato chips or giant, dough pretzels!

9. Tag someone?
I honestly don't know who to tag, because I can't exactly tag Rachel back.. So I tag anyone! Comment below if you do, do this tag so i can check it out :D

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  1. Lolita Baby Lips is my fave right now too <3

    xx stephalsay.blogspot.com

  2. It's so interesting to know that you love winter O:
    I am completely against it hahah >:) Anywho, I must agree on denim jackets. They literally go with everything. It's also nice to see you getting along with your blog, I enjoy reading it quite a bit.
    Thanks for your help as well! <3
    LUCID STARS // Bloglovin'

    1. Well only some aspects of it! I definitely prefer summer haha
      Yes denim jackets=the best thing every. Yes, that's why I always wear mine in my video and all my outfits look the same haha xD
      Aw thank you! Same with yours too, I always look forward to seeing another post on my bloglovin feed :)
      That's heaps fine! x

  3. Hey, your blog is lovely, please check out mine if you get the chance. This post is so cute, I love the mixture of interview and pictures xx