Concert Outfit [Boy and Bear]


My outfit for the Boy and Bear concert at the Opera House.
22 September 2014

Hello Pretties!!!

It's finally holidays once again and I'm so excited.
I have finally finished year 11- and I am eager to enter year 12 and finish my secondary school education!
Despite finishing year 11 and finishing my preliminary exams merely 3 days ago...I need to start studying again for my Studies of Religion (SOR) HSC exam which is in 36 days. (Yes I have a countdown) (no I am not excited for that)

Anyhow- back to what I was saying about being excited!! (I always seem to go off on a tangent)
I'm super excited because tonight is the Boy and Bear concert which I have been looking forward to for the past 3 or so months!!

I'm writing this before the concert and will probably finish it off when I come home tonight to add some pics from the concert!

Boy and Bear are an Australia band. If you're into indie/alternative music, I highly recommend giving them a listen! Your ears will melt of pure beauty.

For my outfit

Watch my YouTube video above! ^

or for a direct link to the video, click HERE :)

I'm wearing this beautiful dress I picked up yesterday from Hunt No More which is a sub-brand of Mink Pink.

As the concert is at the Opera House (and seated) I thought wearing a dress would be suitable- but I didn't want to be too 'dressy'; so I styled this outfit down by pairing it with my favourite denim jacket (well I only have one denim jacket...but it's a wardrobe favourite and staple..)

I fell in love with this dress at first sight.

  1. I have wanted a dress like this for ages
  2. Who doesn't want a short dress with a 'sheer' (it's not sheer, but along the lines..sorta) longer dress over it?? 
  3. Yeh I just love this dress
  1. Yes there are cons :(
  2. The fishnet material literally gets stuck in my shoe buckle whenever I walk -.- 
  3. (not cool bro, totally didn't nearly trip every time I ran to make the self-timer of all the pictures)
  4. The sleeves are really weird.. I didn't take a proper picture with the sleeves out, but watch my video and I show you what the sleeves sleeves look like- you'll get what I mean!!

My jacket isn't this colour IRL?? I think the camera over-exposed a bit..
2 photos down probably looks the most accurate :)

I am wearing my all time fave fluff ball earring from Angel Puffs.
And my sun choker from Helter Skelter Store.

My cute as heck bag is from my grandma a while ago; which I believe she bought in China!

+ Decked my denim jacket out in badges!
Awkward crouch to fit into the shot..

Outfit Details Collated
Dress: Hunt No More by Mink Pink
Jacket: Salvation Army
Shoes: Truffle from ASOS
Bag: Gift from my Grandma
Earrings: Angel Puffs / Link
Choker: Helter Skelter Store / Link

I was quite close to the stage, yay! About 15 metres. 
The photos are pretty bad quality-- but I'm still buzzing from the music!!
It was so lovely to hear the songs live- especially Harlequin Dream as I have so many memories of moments with that song.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post!

Leave a comment below about anything, I love reading your comments!!

See you soon;
Tara xo


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  1. I'm off to listen to Boy and Bear, no doubt about it! Lucky you, you live the concert life on the regular. xx


  2. ahh I love boy and bear! so jealous, plus the opera house would be such a cool venue. love love love this outfit too!