Nao is the Time


Hey everyone!

This was my outfit today- yes I've posted a similar outfit on here before.
But why not share it again? 
I mean.. I'm wearing a different top + hairstyle + I have a couple new followers, hey pals!!

So I wore this outfit for Book Week today. We had to dress up as our 'favourite' book character. 
I decided to go as Nao from 'A Tale for the Time Being' hence the title.
She's a Japanese school girl so I appropriated what I pictured her to wear, into something I had already.

+ been crying over Willow Smith's (she's my idol) cover of Easy Easy by King Krule (who is a new addition to iTunes + my fad for the past 2 weeks. Listen to Border Line by him! It's my favourite of all his songs!)

Hope you enjoy this post!


I look like doofus in these photos..

Top: Mum's
Skirt: Markets
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Jacket: Salvation Army

Took about 15 photos before I managed to get my entire blob of hair in the actual shot.. haha
I braided both sides with two and then had a bun in the middle


Favourite shot

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  1. uGH willow's cover of easy easy has been on repeat everyday since she posted it, it is so perfect! she's so perfect! Your outfit is so cute and I'm in love with your hair! x