It's Koi-nd of a Fishy Story


Please don't laugh too hard at the title- I know i'm funny.

Hi Pretties!!!

I'm super duper excited for this blog post... because I did a collaboration!
An epic, awesome and hella cool collaboration with Pinnacle Runway who kindly allowed me to select this absolutely gorgeous dress from their store- Eliana Dress in navy (also available in white)!

I really hope you enjoy this post where I am also featuring this breath-takingly gorgeous 'crystal' necklace from Dead Sea Jewellery - which is quite fitting as I have a 'sea' theme going on here.

My Outfit

Fun Fact! My favourite thing to do is pose in the middle of China Town where there is about 100 people walking past each minute and several people trying to look at the fish I am standing in front of.

I wore this outfit to the city today; 26 September 2014, with my friends Fiona and Sera. (click their names to go to their blogspots!)

I honestly cry every time I look at this necklace.
Isn't it the most beautiful shade of blue you have ever seen?
The gold plating makes it even more spectacular (I don't think I've ever use the word spectacular- so this must be special).

You can find the direct link to the Large Druzy Necklace here.

My other necklace is a gift from Fiona when she went to Hong Kong in the Summer holidays last year/this year.

Really awkward hand position..

I am so in love with this dress!
My (honest) opinions/experience on/in this dress:

  • It is great quality. (If anyone wants to know, the material is 65% cotton and 35% polyester)
  • Who doesn't love this cute koi fish print? ahhh
  • I love how it's a dress in disguise as a two-piece set!
  • The slit at the middle front of the dress is a sly n sexy (hehe)!! However, it does get a bit awkward when you're sitting down, as the split slides up your legs and can be quite revealing. 
  • As I have an hourglass figure, my waist is a size lower than the rest of my body, so the waist area is a bit loose (it's not too noticeable when you have a food baby- me in these photos) 
  • True to size dress. It is in Australian sizes.

Collated Outfit Details

Other Necklace: Gift from Fiona
Shoes: ASOS // Truffle
Denim Jacket: Salvation Army
Eye Ring- Jay Jays
Silver/ gold rings- Lovisa and H&M

The excluded parts of the day

We ate lunch at a lovely Japanese restaurant in Market City where we always seem to do, when we head to the city!

Fifi and Sera

We then headed over to the Museum of Contemporary Art.


Here are some photos of the amazing Annette Messager's work.

Thank you so much for reading; lovelies!!
I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Tara xo

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  1. love the dress, looks so pretty x


  2. Love this outfit and your blog is beautiful :)


    1. Aw thank you and thanks for reading too!! xo

  3. This has just got to be my favourite outfit of you, Tara! Koi print, who would've known such a thing existed. Your outfit in all its entirety is spectacular indeed. :) I also admire your guts posing in public for outfit shots, I've never been quite as brave xo


    1. One day you seriously have to stop being so kind!! hehe thank you :) xo