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Did you know: 5 hours of sleep before an exam sucks. 
Lack of sleep makes your eyes spin as you stare at the blur of words before you.
You also get bags.
Nice, deep ebony bags (yay let's make bags sound pretty !!)-- the perfect colour to match my soul and my wardrobe.
SO, I basically couldn't sleep last night, I was literally tossing and turning. I woke up an hour earlier to cram for my Society and Culture exam this morning. 
2 exams done... 3 to go. Agh.

BUT, it seems after a year of trying out this 'regular' posting bloggy thingy... I have actually succeeded in posting regularly :')

I'm going out to dinner tonight with my netball team so I thought I would photograph my outfit for this week as I most certainly will not (be allowed to) leave the house this weekend (stuDYING lyf)

On the contrary!! I'm also a very happy girl! Last week the leaders of the school were announced.
In our school we have this thing called 'Senior Six' where there is 1 school captain, 1 vice captain and 4 vice captains for different thinks (social justice, houses, clubs and student leadership)
I went for the roles of Social Justice captain, (school captain and vice captain- you automatically apply for that if you apply for senior six) and club captain for Justice and Democracy.
I honestly can't believe it but I got Justice and Democracy Club Captain + my awesome friend Jess is Vice Captain + my other baben' friend Sera is Social Justice Senior Six!

So the point of that ^ was to share my excitement, but also relate it to my post today. 

World justice is so important today where the number of issues in this world is almost impossible to count. It's so easy to dismiss these issues and forget that you're not the only one on this earth. 
That people don't have access to education- while here I am complaining about school. 
That humans are dying- of hunger- while we have all the food we want.
That discrimination against races, sexes and genders exist.
That people are risking everything to try and get a chance to save themselves from the dangers in their home. To hop on a boat with all the money that they have saved. A boat that is most likely too small for its passengers. Where disease, hunger and sickness is highly present. Where these people are arriving at a country where they are sent away. Where acceptance into a safe place can take years- even up to 20 years. Where the boat may not even make it to somewhere safe. Turning away humanity to be selfish. Taking a country where not even 50% of the land is occupied.
There is a reason for justice in the world, and the above reasons are merely a hundredth of the issues I could have addressed.

This is what brings me to my post and my love for this bag... 

After my exam today I picked up Catalogue Magazine which had a tote bag that says 'Start the Riot' from House of Riot.
You may have heard of House of Riot by Ollie Henderson- or seen some of her pieces worn at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. 
Henderson's store is a "multidisciplinary activist movement, which aims to empower the younger generation by giving them a voice through which they can express their opinions on current social justice issues, whether they be local or global."

I adore her pieces as they simply and effectively encapsulate global issues.

Top: Dotti
Jeans: Jay Jays / Ripped myself
Wind Breaker: Dad's
Shoes: Windsor Smith


I also received this gorgeous bindi from AJthelabel
Yes, I would like to note that I am aware of cultural appropriation.
I am not wearing a bindi out of disrespect.
Bindis are a beautiful part of the South/South-East Asian/ Hindu culture.
And I understand that it has cultural and religious meanings.
In my opinion- which there will definitely be someone to disagree- that bindis can be worn by all as long as you understand, acknowledge and know the deriving cultural and religious significance behind these beautiful pieces.
I'd also like to say, that my friend was wearing a bindi when we went out one day and an South-East Asian/ Indian lady was kind enough to come up to her and compliment the bindi on her.
Yes, there are people who will disagree with what I have said, but I just wanted to make that clear. You can always message me or e-mail me if you have any problems, but that's just my opinion.

My lovely red tattoo choker is from Choked the Label, who kindly sent this to me along with two lovely pairs of earrings which can be seen in my Instagram post.

I hope you enjoyed this post and leave me a comment below :)

Thanks for reading/ looking at the pictures!

+ Congrats if you made it this far down wheee!

See you next post,


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  1. Thank you so much prettyyy :)) xo

  2. Congratulations girl! So great to see you posting more often, too. I think similarly about bindis, however I'm still a little undecided on it. Really admire that untainted confidence though :)
    P.S. Go get your sleep soon xxx


  3. Congratulations girly ! love your work x x


  4. Congrats Tara! It's so amazing that you're gonna use the position you have to bring up those important issues. Your 'fit is really cute and that tote is so cool, I love it. x