90'S : LILY


4 days of school - 3 learning days and 1 fun day till school holidays.
4 days till I hand in my final draft of my Society & Culture major work.
4 days till holidays begin and I will need to study for trials.
4 days till hell.
That was the cheeriest way I could possibly start a blog post, ha!
Well, i'm internally dying right now in all honesty. 
There's so much to do and so little time! How do I remember all my English prescribed and related texts? Or the financial ratios for business? Or the integration of trigonometric graphs?????
I'm currently having a break from writing my PIP major work *sigh* but it really does show, you can write your entire major work in a bit over a week... but don't quote me on that.
School is crazy and I feel like I should move away from that topic for now...

And talk about the 90's!
Ah, the 90's trend!
If you have been living under a rock - you may not have noticed that the 90's trend has been the scene and the rage for the past year and a bit.
I was a 90's baby, not so much a kid, so I didn't really truly experience the 90's style first hand. But the 2000's was really similar.
Overalls, mesh, double denim, denim everything, leather, striped tees, tennis skirts, you name it!
I've been in love with the 90's style for a while now - I'd like to say before it came back into the mainstream style (tattoo chokers hah, good times).
I've been eyeing a similar dress on ASOS for a while - so when I saw a dupe, I was all for it!
This super affordable piece basically screams 90's and is the effortless dress to chuck on for a night or day out!


Dress - CNDirect / Direct Link *
Shoes - ASOS
Leather Jacket - Choies

ftc. items marked with * were sent to me to promote

(me crying at the sun in my eyes)


'70'S : DREAMS'





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