When your (cool) grandma aesthetic is on point and you have rants about growing up and education...

You know you're getting old when every second question you get asked is 'what do you want to do after school?' This question is daunting, confusing and annoying for many - including me - because honestly... I don't know.

Society has instilled a sense of pressure to know what you want to be and do for the rest of your life - as young as possible. As children, we are continuously asked this question, where our responses range from princesses and princes to an astronaut and what-not. 

But as we age, so do our responses. Yes, being a princess/ prince/ astronaut would be pretty damn awesome... but it's also a niche lifestyle that not everyone can achieve. Essentially, our responses are molded by more 'realistic' approaches that is usually achieved through tertiary education such as becoming lawyers, doctors, accountants, teachers, entrepreneurs, etc.

These somewhat 'generic' occupational interests don't spark an interest to me. Honestly, I'm not sure what does. There seems to be a con to everything that I deem somewhat interesting. It makes decisions about my future harder... Although, I will probably follow through university with a likewise degree (most likely business) - because today, to put it simply, it's harder to find a high-paying job without going to university (unless you're lucky. But, it's possible. I have heard stories and I know of people who dropped out of high school, and are now CEO's of major companies. It's happened. Don't be frightened if school is not for you and you don't want to go to university/TAFE/college/etc. there are plentiful jobs out there and it's still possible to live the life without a tertiary education). 

Of course, what I have written also relates to one's socioeconomic status (and other factors - such as not everyone is interested in an education, etc.). Not everyone can afford or has access to tertiary education. Which leads me to another point - the cost of tertiary education. This used to be free. Yes. FREE. The price of education is creeping higher each year, where it's going to reach the point where only a select few will be able to be educated on a tertiary level. High paying jobs will employ highly educated people with a higher socioeconomic status. Most people live in the low-middle class. So what will this do to society? There will be fewer jobs in this sector because so many people will not have the skills or education to enter higher-paying employment opportunities. There will be less educated people because either your life-savings will go towards your tertiary education + have a low living standard or you just go without this education. There will be an increase in the labour workforce. And eventually, a divide will occur in society - between the low-middle class and middle-high class. 

That was just a brain vomit onto my keyboard of the year 12 struggles of thinking about mine/society's future. Nonetheless, to conclude... I must make a disclaimer. I speak in generic terms and everyone's situation is different. I have devised possible scenarios which may happen but may not. This is all judgement of the present. All words spoken were meant well.

I'd love to hear differing and similar opinions on this!

Much love,



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  1. I can totally relate to you! The "What will you do after you graduate?" questions are unavoidable and definitely haunting, and likewise, I have no idea what I want to do after school. But for now, my mind's set on achieving good grades and staying healthy and happy whilst doing so. I'm just going with the flow as for now!! Also on a side note, I LOVE you and Fiona's outfits.

    1. That's such a positive mindset to have on this all!! Thank you for your response and reading the post :))) Much love and thanks from Fi and I xxx

  2. I just love this post. I am so with you on the fact that there is this overwhelming pressure on kids to know exactly how their lives will plan out and anyone who doesn't know is left feeling completely lost. I graduated last year, and I think in school there's this whole idea that year 12 is everything and those final exams determine your whole life. That is so completely not the case, in fact since leaving school and starting uni the wide range of options available is becoming more and more apparent!
    Don't stress too much about what you want to do- it will all work out! x

    Zoë// Bramble and Lace

    1. Thanks Zoë for this comment! I really needed to hear that from someone who's surpassed the year 12 stress and pressure :) I guess I'm both excited and nervous for what I can do, there's so many things and choosing the right option will be the hardest!! Thanks once again for reading and responding xxx

  3. I never thought about society reverting back to divided classes. They say history repeats itself, but I certainly hope this doesn't prove to be the case for the near future of ours!
    Interestingly enough, this topic has been of great debate between a friend and I. I think tertiary education, although not important, is excellent if you have a precise idea of what you want in mind. (I say that in regards to meeting job standards, furthering your knowledge, etc..) On the other hand, having all these options that we're told to be nothing less than grateful for is extremely overwhelming.
    I hear you, I really do. All those occupations aren't things I would jump at the thought of. I'm torn between the whole notion of doing what I love (writing - surprise, surprise) and any other industrial career path that can guarantee me a living.
    anyway, what my dear friend and I concluded upon was that the most important education you need is life experience. Through that, you get a better understanding and more exposure for what you can see yourself doing. Whether it be us witnessing how people contribute to society, or trying out different things for ourselves - it's all a part of life experience. That's what it all boils down to; if you have an excellent education but have no means of navigating yourself through the trials of life, that'd be a recipe for disaster. So uni can have that total fatal flaw, of offering the prospect of a future but not entirely giving you the whole big picture. (if that makes sense!) + like you said, uni costs are increasing just by the minute.
    Another thing I think is key - not being too sheltered, as well as being open to possibilities. Our parents never would have gotten where they were, had they just shied away from any potentially life-changing chance. And in that sense, you're right - life has no strict path, and never should.

    1. Rachel, you couldn't have put it better!! *saves what you wrote for future reference*
      But yes, I could not agree more about life experience to determine what you want to be doing!! I'm actually quite speechless because you put this all so eloquently and hit the right note. Thanks so much for reading and commenting your (as always) on point input :)

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  5. Just found your blog and love it, you have the sickest style - had to follow you on Bloglovin'! Really love how you brought up the idea of pressure, we still have two years before we graduate but people are already jumping down our throats about the future - all we wanna do is be free and do what makes us happy...currently obsessing over your trousers by the way :p
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

    1. Thanks so much for the follow!
      Oh yes, it seems to be the topic of conversation for everyone?!
      hehe thank you xx