Hello lovelies!

I can't believe it's already June... half way through the year... half way to finishing high school, eep!

Today I have a post for you, documenting last night, Saturday 6 June 15.
I went to Vivid in the city with my fave school gal pals - Fiona, Sera and Bec.

I had such a wonderful time and I thought I would document it for you all in both a vlog and blog post :)

(Outfit details at the end of the post)



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1. Fiona and I caught the train together to Wynyard then walked to Circular Quay from the station, where we waited in the MCA for Sera and Bec who went to the city earlier to see a photo exhibition at the State Library.
After we met up, we walked around the MCA...

Fiona and I

2. Some cuties came up and said hi to me because they followed me on insta! We took some selfies and chatted a bit. Hey gals if you see this! :p
Thanks Bec for the sneaky photo haha

3. We walked around to The Rocks and a bit further at around 5:45pm, before the lights came on at 6pm. We decided to get dinner before peak hour. We opted for some truly amazing, yet overpriced pizza ($14 for a tiny one - shared between 2 people so $7 each for half a pizza) from The Grounds (a super awesome, vibin' van of goodness from Alexandria!)
We sat on the grass and ate for around 20-30 minutes with a view of the Opera House. 

4. After eating, we walked about 50 metres till we came across this awesome little walkway 'tunnel' (it was actually like a big storage box).We waited in line and were happily awed by this awesome 'room' with mirrors and flashing, colourful lights which lined the walls! 

5. I didn't take photos of a lot of the things we did - but we just walked around (for about 1.5 more hours) till we got back to Circular Quay. There were SO many people by this time and it was crazy hectic!
We just chilled around this area for a while...

6. Fi and I had seen this photos of an awesome looking dome! After searching the whole night for it - we finally figured out where it was and walked an unnecessary extra 10 mins (oops) trying to find it. We waited in line for around 15 minutes to get in. IT WAS AMAZING! The best way to end our vivid night. We stayed in there for ages (literally 3 groups of people went in and out while we were in there) and the person minding it was totally judging us taking photos hah, no regrets.
Enjoy the beauty of this place..

7. After 4 hours of craving ice cream, we were on a mission. We went to Gelatissimo firstly, but the icecream was $5.20 a scoop and we were like nup, too expensive....So we decided to walk to another ice cream store about 50m away. That walk took us about 10 minutes with probably half of Sydney near Circular Quay station. When we finally got there...the ice cream was, goddamn, $6 a scoop (or $7 for 2). We cried in defeat and ended up just paying for 2 scoops (reassuring ourselves we were basically paying $3.50 a scoop) and we all got 2 scoops each. Thank god the ice cream tasted good! 
The top flavour was AMAZING! It was Royal Copenhagen (honey comb and butterscutch omg) and the bottom flavour was cookies and cream.
I basically fell into an ice cream coma trying to eat this all. But it was worth it.

8. After 5 hours of walking - it was safe to say - we were exhausted. It sure was a long night. We caught the bus home (and some girls recognised me but I was already like 20 metres away, on the phone in a fluster and when they called my name out I was so confused because I thought my friend was calling out to me to slow down. But it wasn't till my friend told me they had called out oops!!) 

9. I ended up arriving home at 11pm (meant to be home at 9pm.. i lost track of time D:)
It was such a wonderful night!


As for my outfit, I actually really liked it that night!
My grandma recently came back from a trip around Greece/ Turkey/ etc. and she bought me back this scarf, which I turned into a choker and head wrap. I feel like it just completed my outfit :)

Top - Vintage (Grandpa's)
Jacket - Tree of Life
Jeans - Thailand
Shoes - Nike Jordan 2 Flight 1 Low
Choker/Headwrap - Turkey
Bag - Turkey


Thank you if you made it this far down, ha!
I hope you liked the post...

Enjoy your day :)

Tara x






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  1. Sounds like fun! Fi looks so cute

    1. It was! Thanks for reading
      And ikr, she's always such a babe!! x

  2. Vivid looks absolutely amazing xx