Cave Walking/ Road Trip Attire


A day out in the Blue Mountains area!
This is what I wore to walk around markets, little stores and a bit of bush/ cave walking!

Hi lovelies!!

On the 27 September 2014; my family (Mum, Dad, Sister) and I drove to the Blue Mountains sort of area for the day!

[Edit] All my posts are totally out of chronological order, but they're still outfits; aren't they?! haha :) I really hope you're enjoying these regular uploads as much as I am!!

This is a bit of a different setting to where I usually take my pictures - this being in a more 'natural' area compared to the urban environment I am normally in :)

We drove 30km on gravel road to see glow worms and on our way back we stopped the car so I could take some outfit photos!

Comment below something [anything] because I love reading comments haha

My Outfit

It's been so long since I've worn overalls!!
I thought I would spice them up by adding a few badges (which are normally on my denim jacket).

Babe Magnet Badge: AJ the Label
'Fries B4 Guys'/ King Krule/ Arctic Monkeys AM- Badges: Stellar Boutique (my store)

This outfit is pretty simple, but I like it :)

Sorry for the crazy editing!! My camera goes a bit funky sometimes and either makes the image look like I had an extreme fake tan or it goes super pale and under-exposed.

^ above is an example of where my editing sucks

When we actually went bush/ cave walking I changed my converse into sneakers from Nike! 
I've had these sneakers for 5 years :o I think I need some new ones haha

My sis and I are really into cheesy posed photos haha

Outfit Details
Top: Camel Cigarettes // Grandpa's
Overalls: Thrifted // Bon Doi (Newtown)
Socks: Pulp Kitchen // Dangerfield
Shoes: Converse / Nike
Denim Bucket Hat: Grandparent's

Outtakes of the Day

We passed some markets while we were driving up to the Blue Mountains area (sorry I don't actually know where we were).

I was so intrigued by this family who owned the stall 'Liminal Caravan'. My sister and I spoke to Brandon (the father) for about 15 minutes. 
Keep an eye out for a post dedicated to this family!

We had lunch at a lovely little cafe. I ordered this delicious pie with a side of salad!

We went to see the glow worms! We walked about 100-200metres into the cave but most of the glow worms were closer to the front of the cave.

It was so beautiful and it looked like the sky was splattered across the cave walls.

When we were driving home from the glow worms, we passed an old factory.
The sun was setting so I took this photo and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Sneaky selfie

I hope you all enjoyed the post and are having a great day/holidays (if you're on holidays!)

Lots of love,
Tara xo



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  1. love this! looks like such a lovely day :)
    x Bella (neophytekid.blogspot.com)

    1. Thank you for reading!! And it was :) xo

  2. love this outfit! your style is so funky tara!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and I really like your pictures and your style and I want to subscribe but, and this is going to sound so silly, I can't find a subscribe button or anything so where can I do that? Thanks!

    1. Hi lovely (hopefully you see this)
      You can follow my blog on bloglovin' which is a blog reader! :)
      Thank you so much!
      Tara xo

  4. Hi! Thank you! I will! Look forward to read more from you haha :D

  5. Your blog is amazing, and your outfits are on point <3

    arcadiadreaming.blogspot.com.au xx

  6. Rural escapes are what we all need, from time to time! Don't think I'd ever have the courage to see glow worms, I'm dead scared of most bugs hahaha x