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Hi lovelies!!

This is an outfit I wore on the 24th September 2014 to go op-shopping with my gal Fiona!

I've taken so many photos these holidays that all my posts will be out of chronological order; sorry about that! But they're still outfits and I'm still updating... so that's a plus!

Fifi actually just created a blog the other day, and it would be awesome if you could check out her blog + give her a follow on Bloglovin' to be updated with her posts! :)

I'm seriously loving the fact that my blog is slowly coming together- literally one post at a time!
It's making me really happy- and also the fact that I've been posting regularly. It's great.

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful day. If not, just remember- you have the capability to be happy or to be sad. And you will always be allowed to be happy or sad whenever you want; for whatever reason. Of course, it takes time to overcome hard moments in life, but these moments won't last forever. So it's great to hear if you're having a good day- but if not; don't give up.

To my outfit

It's black. 

Nah, but as you can probably tell from my blog, I love wearing either- variations of black clothes; or quite the opposite- bright colours with funky/quirky patterns!
I also like plaid. Very much.

In this outfit, I'm wearing my new skirt by Evil Twin (sub-brand of Mink Pink)
It is a blue, black and white plaid skirt with a leather wrap-around and details.
The skirt is a bit big around the waist; but none-the-less; still cute as heck.

For shoes, I seem to be wearing these a lot lately.
They're just super easy to put on (zipper at the back), have an awesome chunky heel/tread, are black, and hella comfortable!
I picked these babies up a while ago from ASOS; and they're by the brand Truffle.

I was sort of aiming to go for a more 'edgy' look. (what even is edgy!?! aha)

To go along with the leather detailed look, I paired my outfit with my leather backpack from Vinnies. It is by the brand Milleni.

I am SOOO in la la loveeee with my new choker from the lovely store Geulisy
The gorgeous owner; Stella, sent me 3 gorgeous chokers- this being one of them.

'Young' Choker

After a couple hours out, we headed to a cute cafe and ordered some drinks.

Fi bought a chai latte, and I bought an iced chocolate (it was not worth it)

Collated Outfit Details
Top: ICE
Skirt: Evil Twin by Mink Pink
Shoes: ASOS // Truffle
Jacket: Grandpa's
Cap: ?
Bag: Milleni // Vinnies
Choker: Geulisy // Direct Link

Thanks for reading guys!
Fi's outfit was awesome and you can check it out HERE!
Tara xo



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  1. In love with your backpack and your blog! x

  2. Wow, I really like your style, very edgy and personal :) I agree with Matilda, your backpack and your blog are amazing!