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I met Rebecca- the charismatic, fashion-forward bundle of joy at a fashion marketing course in September last year. She is such a huge inspiration to myself and many others- watch out for her name somewhere in the fashion industry in the near future! She has continued amazed me with her 'eclectic' style and her amazing blog.
I thought it was about time I interviewed her.
So here we go...

Hey Rebecca! I’m so excited to be interviewing you!!! Let’s get into the questions...
You’re currently studying at a fashion college- the one we actually met at! What’s your favourite thing about studying there?  

Hey Tara! I'm so honoured :)  
Yes, that’s right! I'm currently studying Fashion Marketing! Woah.. there are so many things that I love about my college but I guess it would be the opportunities, the motivation & the course as a whole. I've been able to learn things about marketing that are so important. It's all about fashion AND business together. I've learned how to organise, direct & construct an advertorial, learned about the field of PR & how to organise fashion events and so much more! 

What has been the best opportunity that has arisen by studying at this college? 

The best opportunity that has arisen by studying at Raffles has been attending fashion events such as MBFWA which was amazing. Oh, & I also bumped into you there as well for the Raffles show. I actually attended 14 shows which was such a huge goal for me but I would've loved to watch all! I'll beat the record next year for sure! 

I remember when I first met you outside the elevators waiting for our holiday course to start! I was so blown away with your style and charisma!! You seem to get along with everyone you meet- who has been the most influential person you have met- in regards to fashion?

Ah yes! How could I ever forget?! You're so sweet, thank you! 
Hmm.. the most influential person I've met... Let's see! 
Ah yes! It would have to Jennyfer Alonzo. Emerging designer.... & also my sister. 
She's currently doing her final year at the same college as mine & she's killing it! She thinks beyond any young designer I've ever seen & I personally feel as though she stands out so much in her aesthetic. 
I would also have to say my Grandmother. It's because of her that got my sister & I into fashion as when my grandmother lived in Nicaragua, she designed clothing for the President & the  first lady of her time. 
She did what she 'loved' & let me tell you, Nicaragua is not a country where it's 'easy-living'. And that's what inspires me the most. Regardless of war or living conditions, she did what was true to heart. She made 'fashion' a world of her own. 

And a generic- but still important and highly valid- question… what is your ultimate dream job? 

That's such a good question. So many people ask me this question & I can never really get a straight answer. My dream jo-. Well, I don't want to really look at my 'dream job' as a 'dream JOB'. Does that even make sense?  
What I'd love to do is to inspire people. My dream is to really teach people of the beauty of what fashion is. To me, fashion 'can be' about presenting oneself in an 'aesthetically pleasing' manner but it can also be so much more. The story telling, the manipulating of fabrics, the embracement of the human body. People don't appreciate what else there is to fashion. It's an art. THAT's what I want to teach. Alexander McQueen (RIP), Jeremy Scott, Oliveir Rousteing.. only SOME of the artists of our days. Fashion is a movement of expression & art. 
My dream job is to always be a student of fashion. I want to learn more & more every single day about designers, about bloggers, about buyers, about the history of fashion, about students studying design, about photographers & about how it makes the world go round. 
But then again, I want to be a teacher of fashion (not in a classroom but you get the point). 

At the same time, my other dream job is to be a mother! 

This is a bit of a scary question, but- after college, what are your plans for life? 

My plans after college would be to continue doing shoots, continue writing, continue going to events etc. but take it to a whole other level. 
Actually.. I don't even know anymore. This question has me fearing for my life now haha! 
We'll see where these Dior AW14 heels (by Raf Simons) take me. (Jks. I don't even own a pair... but I'm sure that you get what I'm trying to say). 

I love your ‘name’ ‘The Front Row Life’! What made you choose this ‘name’ and what has been your favourite show in ‘the front row’?  

Originally, my blog name was 'Living Life in the Front Row' but it was so long. I then changed it to 'The Front Row Life' because I came to realise that I was so blessed with the opportunities I've had to events that I wanted my blog to be a portal to the world of Australian fashion for those who don't have the same opportunity.  
But now, since Ramel (my boyfriend) gave me his camera, I've been also doing OOTD's. I've also been doing interviews & photo shoots as well. I guess you can call it 'The Front Row Life' to 'all' things fashion, now. 
Nothing could compare to my experience sitting front row at Ae'lkemi this year at MBFWA.
It was incredible. The shines of the diamonte dresses lit up the room & sparkled into my eyes blinding me but it was so pleasing.
I could hear the the fabric & diamontes roughly gliding on the runway. It was beautiful. I felt so lucky because Ae'lkemi was definitely one of my favourite shows of the year! If you youtube it, you'll see me in 'the front row life' hahah!

Your style is so unique- I’d say classy and minimal- what words would you personally use to describe your style? 

Personally... I'd say my style is eclectic. When I dress, I like to get into character. I'm not saying that I'm not a genuine dresser but I appreciate all styles for their differences, you know? 
I appreciate different trends & cultures etc that it inspires me. 
Some days, I'm feeling urban, some days I'm feeling minimal or classy, grungy, chic,cultural, sports luxe etc. The list actually goes on forever! 

I’ve been loving your blog so much- all your posts are so creative and different! What’s your favourite thing about blogging? 

Why thank you, Tara! My favourite thing about blogging that I have a voice. I voice that is my own & where I can express myself freely. My other favourite thing about blogging is sharing my experiences. 

Do you have a fashion ‘mantra’? If not, it would be totally awesome to make one up for the sake of this interview! 

I have four mantra's that I live by! 
1. It's NEVER about your budget: There's no such thing as 'I have no style because I can't afford it'. FALSE! There's no such thing as 'buying style'. You possibly can't! You can't wear it, if you can't 'WORK' it. It's seriously all about styling! That's it! 
2.  There's potential: Okay, so if you're reading this, go & look through your wardobe. Pull out things that you feel is 'old' or 'so SS12'. Do this: pair it up with something you've never paired it up with before. REVIVE that piece. Style it in an innovative way & make it scream your name. Even if you go into a small boutique & it's raining with eye-sore designs, take a second to think. "If I buy this, maybe I can hem it or alterate it because I quite like the style but I'm hating the fit". "I hate style but I LOVE that fabric".  
3. If someone tell you it's "too much", it's never too much: If you dress in a way that says "Yep. This is me" & someone tells you "That's too much. Way over the top"… guess what? It wasn't enough to leave them speechless.  
4. Always dress true to you: Don't ever dress 'for your enemy', or 'like there are 3 men walking behind you' (Sorry, Oscar), but dress according to what is 'YOU'. There will always be people that don't appreciate your style or there are always going to be people that prefer trends or 'fitting in' but who cares. That's their style! Whats yours? Embrace who YOU are. 

Thank you for the interview gal!! Do you have any parting words you would like to leave? 

No, no, no! Thank YOU, Tara. I actually had so much fun answering your questions & I learned a lot about myself on the way! 
Any parting words?? Hmm.. let me see.... 
If you're still in high school- like Tara- or in college -like moi-, don't let it stop you from chasing your dreams. Don't ever 'wait'. Time goes by & so do those chances! 

Fast Favourites 
Favourite Clothing Colour/s: Every single colour you've seen in your life 
Favourite Hobbies: Watching fashion shows instead of studying 
Favourite Fashion Experience: Mercedes benz Fashion Week Australia 
Favourite Outfit: This is hard! Why is this 'fast' favourites.. I'm gonna be here forever! But umm.... anything out of the norm! 
Favourite Fashion Event: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 

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  1. Thank you so so so very much, Tara!
    It was the biggest pleasure :)

    Love always,
    Bec x

  2. Such a privilege to be able to read the innermost workings of a fashionista's mind! I find myself nodding in unison to countless of her points mentioned, she's got a real insight and knack for style. x