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My beliefs, values and ideas on life hasn't always been set in ground..

As a child, I grew up in a family where only my dad; in my immediate family, was somewhat religious- although he never really practiced being a Christian (going to church, seeing him pray, etc.).

I went through the first 5 years of my life; praying, believing and loving God. Although my mum is not Christian- she always instilled in me that I should pray. I have also grown up in a mildly Buddhist practicing environment. I've often been confused with what religion I am associated with. My dad being Christian - My mum's parents practicing Buddhism.

It was when I began attending a Catholic school that it really struck me how many people shared this profound belief in God. To me, God was amazing. He was the person I 'prayed' to when I wanted something, when someone was sick or I wanted something good to happen for myself or others. 

Looking back, my belief in God was hindered by the fact that He- a divine and supernatural being- was always looking down on me, granting me goodness- essentially, acting as a genie for me. He was nothing more than something up above that I pretended to talk to in mass as a self-obsessed 7 year old. The worst I can remember, is looking up to the giant Jesus hanging on a crucifix in our school church, and wondering 'how does Jesus itch his foot if his hands are nailed to the cross?'

I still attend a Catholic school today- and a year from now I will graduate.
I don't think I'll ever truly grasp an understanding of religion- ever. Nor do I think that I will ever conform to a religion.

If anything, attending a Catholic school has justified my above statement in that I will never wish to become a Christian. Please do not get me wrong. I respect everyone's decisions for their choice of religion, and my choice is this.

My beliefs, values and ideas on life have been influenced dramatically by the people around me, the media and influential figures in today's society. They are continually changing- I'm not sure whether I am an atheist or agnostic- it changes. And I think that's okay. Although I am unsure of many things, I do have some set beliefs, values and ideas on life- especially those of feminist ideals- equality between men and women.

As I expose myself to the world, I continue to search for who I am as a person.
If I were to say something to all of you as a last word for everyone to carry along with them through life- be yourself.
These two words are so overused, but I don't think they are followed as much as they should be.
I live to express myself as a person- an individual- my own self.
Even though I do not know who I completely am, I am still in the hands of my parents and there are restrictions on my life- I am still discovering who I am as a person.

Whether you know what you want to do in life or you have no clue- please, remain true to yourself as a person.

Dress how you want. Break the social norms. Listen to yourself. Love yourself. Pray; or don't pray. Follow what you want in life, not what others want you to do. Be who you are and no one else.

Explore your mind and be yourself.

Tara xo

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  1. So well-said, Tara. This conveys exactly how I feel about religion. I did go to a Catholic school where we had to pray every single day to God, regardless of our religious beliefs. I've been to youth groups where the spirit of God lies with everyone, and I'm the odd one out. I honestly don't feel it. I do believe there is some sort of celestial being, if not many, and that all religions should be respected. However, I'm much like you and I don't see myself ever being tied to religion. It shouldn't be something to worry about, especially in a diverse society - I think life is already as complex as can be, and it's unnecessary to shroud ourself with worry of religion. Religion can surely be the seed of good things, but it can also bring about misfortune. And there's so much conflict in the world today between groups already, it's painfully sad. In saying this I hope I don't offend any, I think the bond others have with religion is quite admirable but I take pride in my beliefs. :)
    Been great to read about your beliefs behind it! Would love if you wrote about cultural appropriation one day, you're a great role model and voice for the youth alike. x


    1. Thanks for the comment Rach! We sound quite similar in our beliefs :) <3 x

  2. firstly, love this outfit you babe! those shoes are too cool.
    I go to a catholic school too and think I feel so similarly to you too! I love this post and how you have expressed your views, you rock gal x


    1. Thanks Lena!!!!
      I'm glad that so many of us think similarly! <3 x

  3. This is a really cool post. (love the outfit) but 'younger' bloggers rarely touch on topics like this. Its really honest, good job.

  4. Love the outfit! - your blog is great, new follower!

    ROSALINDIS // http://rosalindis.blogspot.com.es/